Negros and love in Chavez’ campaign

October 10, 2006

So far, Hugo
Chavez’ campaign has been somewhat weird and inconsistent. First, it was the “statesman”
look, jetting around the world solving everyone’s problems. Then came the
campaign jingles, which sounded more like martial music than anything else. This
was followed by a new “mellower” Chavez, which two days later remembered the
weapons he wants to give to the people to defend the revolution. Since then,
Chavez has been mostly reactive, snapping back at Rosales’ accusations and announcements,
rather than setting his own agenda, like we had grown accustomed to. Even Chavez’s slogan “Bravo Pueblo” sounds like the name of an oppsostion party. And one that promotes abstention, to make it even worse. Whoever thought of that one should be fired. Immediately. But those in the camapign don’t read my blog.

it is a different Chavez that shows up, saying he feels the pain and aches, because the
image for Rosales’ debit card is “racist” because it is called “Mi Negra”. In that
same statement Chavez calls on the most repulsive, racist and divisive TV program, which is shown on state TV, called “La Hojilla”
which spews hate daily, to show these ads. I listen to this and have to wonder
what my cousin AM must thing of this. See, AM was always called “El Negro” in
our family. It was so linked to him that when my youngest brother was baptized
and AM was named his godfather, my little brother acquired the same nickname at
his Baptism. “El Negro” became his name and to this day many use it. Yes, neither of them was completely white, but who cared?

And I can’t
help but wonder what Chavez’ Minister of Education El “Negro” Isturiz thinks of
all this. Or how about legendary historic figure and heroe of our independence “Negro Primero
, Paez’ second in command would think about this. And isn’t one of Chavez’ “misiones” called “Negra Hipolita”?
So what is the fuzz all about? Why is his “Negra” namesake mision ok, but Rosales Mi Negra card racist? Why does Chavez have an exclusive? Doesn’t Chavez
drink during his Alo Presidente the same “negrito” (small black coffee) I do, which he reportedly also drinks all day. What does he call it? Small black coffee? Yeah sure!

This is
simply Hugo Chavez the divisive figure, the rewriter of Venezuela’s
history, the man that wants to separate us into the “good” guys and the “bad”
guys. But good or bad is just a matter of whetehr you are with him or agaisnt him. This is the same man that wants to arm all Venezuelans.

But just
as I can’t understand what is going on, from the man that has always run
political campaigns with exquisite timing and execution, we get this mushy
stuff, the “new”, “improved”, “looking for love” Hugo Chavez in this ad that
appeared in most of the country’s newspapers today (This one from page B18 in El Nacional):

A pensive looking Hugo Chavez, looks towards infinity and
in the ad says:

Message of love for the people of My Venezuela

Always, I did everything for love

For love towards the tree, the river, I became a painter

For the love of knowledge, of studying, I left my dear
hometown, to study

For the love of sports, I became a baseball player

For the love of the homeland I became a soldier

For the love of the people, I made myself President, you
made me President

I have governed for these years for love

For love, we made Barrio Adentro

For love, Mision Robinso

For love, we made Mercal have done all for love

There is a lot more to do. I need more time.

I need your vote

Your vote for love.

By now you must be like me, saying :”For the love of God, please stop it! I can’t
stand it! Where did all this mush come from?”

Well, it turns out that all of the above is true, just add the
word “Chavez” or “of Chavez” everywhere after the word love and the puky ad becomes the truth.

It is all done for the love of Hugo.Nobody else.

(Please if anyone has any info on Chavez the painter, please drop me a note, I had not heard that one before. Will we now see the collected works of Hugo suddenly resurface?)


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