Liar! Liar!

October 15, 2006

A picture named liar1.jpg

So, the
lying President said this week: “Last night (Tuesday) Foreign Minister Maduro
was in Bolivia, he must arrive today bringing me a report, but we are ready to
defend ourselves…Evo, Resist brother and may God take care of you.”

Well, in
the same speech Chavez said he had information there would be a coup led by the
US in Bolivia.

But it
was all lies. Today, the Bolivian Government
that Maduro was not there at all. They said he could come anytime, but
he didn’t, so Chavez was just improvising, letting his imagination go, the same
way he does with his accomplishments, his proposed projects, the assassination
attempts, his love. It is just all lies, in his mind, that’s all, as simple as
that. Maduro did not go, there was no trip, no report, no arrival…

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