More lies and tidbits from the pretty revolution

October 15, 2006

–And some
more lies or at least inconsistencies proving once again that the verbal
incontinence among revolutionaries does create some problems. First, we heard
from the Venezuelan side that there will be 20 military bases built and
financed by Venezuelans along the Bolivian border. This was immediately denied by the
Bolivian Foreign Minister, who said that only two facilities would be built.
But then today, none other than Bolivia’s
Army Commander says the plan is to build ten border “modules”. So,
they can’t even agree on the numbers, let alone on what they are building. I
guess the term “asymmetric” war must have something to do with this.

–And today Chavez in his exuberance over
a train, that is not ready, was planned before Chavez, has no
stations other than the first and the last which have been completed, offered
to build a train that would connect the Mercosur countries. I guess it will run
with the apparently forgotten “Pipeline of the South” for which Venezuela
has failed to show up at the last two meetings or the now infamous TV station
Telesur, which Venezuela created, financed and I guess will shut down when the people
that run it, its only viewers to date, stop watching it.

–And why
did a Central Bank Director say that Venezuela was producing only 2.6
million barrels of oil a day. Could there be another lie in there? But we knew this one!

–Oh yeah!
And Chavez invited
to end the “corrupt state”. What has he done in eight years? Has he looked
around? His family? His Cabinet? Who is he going to call? Ghostbusters?

–And as
usual, the Government simply
another Human Rights report. Somehow they are always biased, but
things are beautiful in the Bolivarian
Republic of Venezuela. Ask for example, the
gold miners…

–And how
about this report by Economist Orlando Ochoa in Reporte Diario de la Economia: “Venezuelan
banks lend related companies Bolivars to buy dollars…official deposits are paid
2% to attract them to private commercial banks…Argentinean bonds are assigned
via obscure communications from the Ministry of Finance…the open impunity is an
incentive to financial corruption and a few members of the
revolutionary-socialist hierarchy are complacent with the local bankers”

tonight, the Governor of Tachira state proceeded to expropriate
some houses. Unfortunately for him, the President’s relative Lieutenant Ramon
Chavez was one of those affected. He threatened to call his relative. How long
will it be before his home is returned? Make your bets!

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