El Caminante: Thank you President Chavez for these dignified homes

October 22, 2006

Bruni sends the link to this excellemt post in “El Caminante’s blog” which I had to translate because it represents so well in very graphic form the lies and self delusions of the revolution.

the left, you have a picture of a barrio that has been above the La
Planicie tunnels in the West of Caracas for decades (The tunnels were built by Luis Herrera
who was President from 1978 to 1993 and the barrio was already there even
before they were built). All that has changed in those barrios is that the houses
“improve” in the sense that a cardboard wall gets improved to brick or the
houses get painted or an additional floor is added, but teh barrios have no services other than electricity (privately provided)) In fact, I remember that one Government, maybe
Lusinchi’s, painted them all white, like his party’s color, to make it
look better. Well, that seems to be the only change, execpt that now
they have been painted in various colors. On the right, there is a
close up of the barrio and you can see that the greenish house is made
of cardboard and that these homes are nothing to be proud of. Well, the
sign says “Thank you President Chavez for these dignified homes”.

guess I don’t have to say much more. This is simply another delusion
and rip off by the revolution. Below the pictures the translation of
Fernando’s post in “El Caminante”

“Thank you President
Chavez for these dignified homes”….yes, that is what the banner
placed in front of those shacks retouched with paint says, seeing those
images a few questions come to my mind. How far does the shamelessness
of the Government reach? Does the Government consider that painting
some shacks makes them dignified homes? Does the Government think that
the majority of us Venezuelans are idiots?

And I say the
majority because without any doubt there are some Chavistas that think
that this is an example of a dignified home, there surely exist people
who are waiting for the Government to half paint their shack to go
running and give Chavez thanks for this incalculable show of love,
there exists in this country people who have spent 8 years living in
misery and seeing how the Governments screws them even more into that misery,
they care very little, they are the ones that completely swallow the
speech that to be rich is bad and Bush is the devil. They are the
people who deny themsleves progress, whose social resentment makes them
wish that the son of the doctor becomes a sweeper.

Although it is
true that the fault of capitalism is the unequal distribution of
wealth, the virtue of regimes like that of Fidel or Chavez is the
egalitarian distribution of misery.


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