From today’s news with comments

October 24, 2006

Minister of Defense on
the agreement
to have Venezuela
finance and build 10 or 20 military forts: “These agreements are not to attack
anyone, nor to defend ourselves from anyone, these is related to the new times
we are living in”

Well, I
knew of military forces to attack or defend, but the only neutral army I know
is the Swiss Army, and they do defend the Pope, no? So what’s the point?

Chavez to a debate: “I request of Fidel (Castro) that he give
permission and advice Chavez to accept the debate”

I guess
Rosales is busy in the campaign trail; dead men don’t give permission or argue
with anyone

leader on a possible debate between Chavez and Rosales: “You and the country,
all of you know the characteristics of President Chavez and those of Rosales,
in a debate now, Rosales would be defeated, it would be a fight of a donkey against
a tiger”

These guys
can’t even keep their logic straight for a single sentence, if he mentions
Chavez first and Rosales second, and then says donkey versus tiger, guess who
is the donkey? I bet he does not even get it yet…

of Communications William Lara after
Cabinet today: Chavez is the most democratic President of Venezuela’s
Republican life”

Two coups,
three years advocating the overthrow of the Government, does not accept debate,
never talks to the opposition, does not recognize democratically elected
Presidents that are not his friends. Ummm, did he forget to say in this

Service this morning (Can’t find link): “There will be rains once again this
afternoon in the Valley
of Caracas”.

It did not
rain for the first time in the last ten afternoons.

Venezuelan Deputies from the 100% controlled Chavez controlled National
Assembly participated
today in the take over
of a Coca Cola plant, threatening to expropriate the
company if they don’t pay the workers what they say they are due.

The case
has been in the Courts for years, but there has been no decision, I guess the
Deputies do not trust the Chavista overhauled Justice System.

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