Celebrating February 4th. 1992 Factoid #2: The innocent soldiers of Chavez

February 4, 2007

Alberto Barrera, the recent winner of the Herralde literary prize, was coauthor of the book “Hugo Chavez without uniform“. In the course of researching it, he came across the fact that Chavez brought the soldiers under his command to Caracas without telling them anything about a coup attempt. Here is what he wrote today in El Nacional:

One of the most evident signs of concentration of power on a person is the yearning to turn his personal path into official history. Power also needs to invent a new memory. Transforming the past is also the task of any revolution.

I write this due because of this Sunday February 4th. It has already been said that the President hs the power to turn this day into an official holiday, on the patriotic calendar. Let it be decreed as such. Nevertheless, my memory can still remember the crude pain of that day: The soldiers the coup plotters brought to Caracas did not know why they were coming. They were no revolutionaries riding Granma trying to get to the island. They were young men that innocently followed the order of a superior. They came under a pretense.

That is to me the most important sign of that day. What, since that day, this revolution lacks. Epic and ethics.

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