Chavismo celebrates a day of infamy.

February 4, 2007

With the same cynical attitude they have towards everything else, Chavismo will celebrate today the 16th. year anniversary of the bloody coup attempt
led by Hugo Chavez, Francisco Arias Cardenas, Yoel Acosta Chirinos and
Jesus Urdaneta. On that fateful day these men led a bunch of troops
they commanded to stage a coup, without the soldiers knowing where they
were going and what the intention was. By the end of the day over 50
people, military and civilians, were dead, and 100 more were wounded.
The only military officer of the four who was unsuccessful in his
military goal was Chavez, who nevertheless was the one to show up
publicly as he was the last one to surrender, from the Military Museum
where he had spent most of the night holed up, never attacking his
military target, the Miraflores Presidential Palace.

and his buddies were pardoned and nobody served a sentence for either
the killings or for the attempt against Venezuelan democracy and its
institutions. Chavez was the only one of the four leaders who refused
to join the democratic process, going around the country calling for
the people to revolt. In late 1997, he was convinced by Luis Miquilena,
who no longer supports him, that he could win via the ballot box and
jumped into the race.

Those are the democratic credential of
Hugo Chavez. The same man that spent last year more money on military
equipment than in most social programs. The same man that has manipulated and
cheated on elections. The same man that refuses to even talk to people
that support him, asking for unlimited enabling powers. The same man
that rules only for his supporters and not for all Venezuelans. The man
that destroyed checks and balances and the rule of law in this country.
That despite his claim to love the people has done little to improve
their lot despite the price of oil jumping six fold in his eight-year
tenure. The same man that massacred a peaceful march on April 11 2002,
an act that was planned by him in the presence of the many and for
which his own military hogh command asked him to resign. The same man
that issued a law to muzzle the media. The same man that has sworn to
close a TV station in May without a legal reason for it. The same man
that allows the most rampant corruption the country has ever seen. The
same man that wants the Constitution changed so he can be in power
indefinitely. The same man that allowed a fascist database to be
compiled with those that signed a petition against him, which is used
to discriminate, fire and persecute ordinary Venezuelans.

same man will celebrate today; He will even allow his buddies to
illegally wear military uniforms, in celebration of the only thing they
believe in: militarism and force. They will call that bloody day, a day
of glory and celebrate the only real coup and rebellion the country has
seen in the last 16 years, while daily calling any action by the
opposition, destabilizing, coup plotting and the like.

this Autocrat/Dictator will celebrate today a shameful act for which he
should be in jail, with the same lack of scruples with which he and his
comrades act every day.

Claiming to be compassionate, while he destroys everyone and everything that stands on his way.

Claiming to believe in dissent, while forcing all Government workers to attend today’s celebration.

Claiming to believe in the law and the Constitution, while bypassing and violating it daily.

Claiming to be democrats, while each and every one of their acts, like the one today, proves exactly the opposite.

Claiming to believe in democracy, which they only use for their profit and personal power or gain.

And they plan to celebrate it all!

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