Quote of the day

February 20, 2007

Quote of the day from the newspapers before going to the beach:

“Since 2003 the efforts of the Government have been focused mainly in production plants for milk, sugar, coffee and refrigeration plants for meat and processing ones for fruits and vegetables. It is precisely  these basic items that now present shortages, thus official intervention has not improved the insufficiencies of the economy.”

In fact, shortages follow the efforts of the Governmnet. That is, the top priorities for the Government have shown the most intense shortages: Sugar, milk and meat in that precise order. This is nothing new, it is the history of Venezuela, where sectors where the Government participates are always lacking.

Watch out now electricity and phone service, you can bet the Government will be forced to nationalize the other cell phone companies when they clobber the “new” , “old” CANTV in the marketplace. More Government has never worked as a solution to these problems, least of all in this silly revolution where corruption is all over the place and ignorant and inexperienced miltary (pardon the redundance) believe they can run everything.

We have seen this movie before.

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