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Nice moon show!

March 3, 2007

Yeap! We saw it too down here, great show!


So many headlines, so little time

March 3, 2007

—Minister of Interior and Justice Carreño accused the US Drug Enforcement Agency of being a new drug cartel yesterday.

I guess the CIA must have lent him the Direct TV controls through which we are spied on daily according to the Minister and he discovered this new cartel. Watching Carreño is going to be an interesting sport going forward.

—Day before yesterday President Chavez was speaking about why it was good to be poor for about ten twenty minutes, he then went on to his next story and said: “When I was poor…”


—Pro-Chavez party “Podemos” decided not to dissolve itself and join Chavez’ “Unique” party for now.

Wait until Chavez fires them all from their Government jobs.

Two women in Ciudad Bolivar denounced that a local Mercal market, when you buy a chicken, they stamp your belly with ink to indicate you already got one.

I don’t know what the scandal is all about, at least they did not use numbers.

—Four years ago I wrote about Judge Mikael Moreno, a convicted murdered that Chavismo named as a judge. Well, this week the honorable judge was suspended for “grave conduct” and disobeying and order from the Supreme Court.

I feel sorry when someone like that “suddenly” goes stray of the law.

—President Chavez said that the CIA was infiltarting his communal councils.

Never had the CIA been as efficient as in it is in Chavez’ Venezuela, I guess all opposition members of the councils will be labelled CIA and jailed. they deserve it!

—President Chavez assured us that taking three digits off the Bolivar will make the currency stronger. “Just think-he said-a dollar will now be worth Bs. 2.1 instead of Bs. 2,150”

Umm, I wonder why they don’t just take four digits off, make it twenty Bs. cents to the US$ and a Bolivar would be worth more than the British pound and much more than the currency of the Evil Empire!

Some humor on a lazy Saturday morning: The high price of gas

March 3, 2007