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The fascist hounds of the regime go after Physicist Claudio Mendoza, call him a traitor

March 10, 2007

And catching up with items that I had left behind, the fascist hounds of the regime were let loose and ordered to go after Physicist Claudio Mendoza this week.

Mendoza who was found to “affect the prestige” of Venezuela’s IVIC, the premier Government research center, and was thus removed from his position as Head of the Computational Physics Laboratory there, is now being attacked by another fascist group, the “Bolivarian Association of IVIC Workers”.

These hounds of the regime are calling for more severe punishment for Mendoza for his article “Critical Mass”. This ignorant mass of workers accuses Mendoza of “false testimonies” whatever they may mean and say his statements “were charged with a profound hate for the Fatherland”, because he said that Venezuela wanted to sneak in with Iran an Korea in the atomic club. Of course, when Chavez suggested it, he was a patriot, when Claudio says it he is accused of being a traitor.

Even more laughable, the Association charges Claudio and his statements to be part of a “destabilizing plan that attempts to create anguish with measures (??) such as the fake shortage of foodstuffs and medicines.”

And to prove that this is all orchestrated, former Rector (President) of Central University Luis Fuenmayor the same day accused Claudio Mendoza of treason and called for the penalty for treason for him which is thirty years in jail. He also suggested the penalty was too “soft”.

There you have it ladies and gentleman, either you are with the robolution or you are a traitor, part of a conspiracy and you should be jailed for speaking your mind. If you are with them, you can steal, corrupt and do as you wish. Even if what you are, is a distinguished scientist, become a well knwon scientist all over the world, who has won the Polar Award, one of the two most prestigious science awards in the country, you are attacked by the same people that should revere what you do and pay attention to what you say. And the orchestrated accusations come from a pseudo union of so called scientific workers and a scientist that did very little as a scientist, and certainly does not have Mendoza’s distinguished career, because he spent most of his academic life involved in politics.

The revolution fears knowledge as well the knowledgeable and feels threatened by the open discussion of issues and ideas. That is why men like Dr, Mendoza have to be silenced, as an example to others to shut up, stay put…or else.

It is fascism at its best, it is anti-democratic as it can get, it is a dramatic violation of Mendoza’s rights.

It is shameful…