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Official coverage of Chavez’ South American trip by The Devil’s Excrement

March 12, 2007

And just so that I don’t get accused by the Minister of Information William Lara, who incestually continues to be the official spokesman for Chavez’ political party MVR, this post will represent the official coverage of Chavez’ South American trip by The Devil’s Excrement.

The picture below is Chavez in Bolivia using a military salute, while wearing a Bolivian ruana and flower guirnaldas given to him by the Bolivians. I don’t want to minimize the trip or the picture, to use the Minister’s words, but I can’t help but feel that Chavez does not look too comfy in it. Not because of the serious face, he clearly enjoys wearing costumes as history has shown, but because he was not given a red shirt and/or a military uniform/hat/weapon (Note military salute even in their absence), which always makes him right at home even at high altitudes.

Chavez was also in Argentina, but we only provide international coverage for events with two Heads of State (note Evo in the background of the picture) and not one, as was the case in that stadium rally in Argentina. By the way, that stadium held 40,000 people without using the field, so that 20,000 attendees is a very poor showing. It does go to show that next time they have to double the budget for the event or pay half the amount per person if they want to fill it to capacity. PDVSA really blew it this time. Somebody should be reprimanded for not being rojito enough.

And yes, I did not provide coverage of the other meeting to the north with the guy from even further north, even if it had two world leaders in it. There were three reasons for this: First, none of them were a Venezuelan Head of State and this blog is about Venezuela. Second, having a picture of those two may have represented a historical low for The Devil’s Excrement. Finally, last time I mentioned just some candidates for President of the Evil Empire, we ended talking about Global Warming in the comments and exceeded the limit in the number of comments.

How much lower could a blog get?

Copy of the letter asking for more severe punishment of physicist Claudio Mendoza

March 12, 2007

Above is the letter from ABTIVIC, the Bolivarian Assembly of Workers of Venezuela’s premier Government research center, which is likely to lose that status the way it is being run and when “Assemblies of Workers” are capable of writing this type of crap and please pardon my french.I wanted to post the letter, so that it is on the record of the type of persecution and fascism that we are seeing in Veneuzla today.

Here Dr. Claudio Mendoza, a world renown physicist, one of the most distinguished from that institution because of his research and winner of the prestigious Polar award is taken to task. I will not translate it all, I already translated some sentences earlier, but suffice it to say that because he wrote an opinion piece with some very ironic sentences about Chavez’ hairbrained nuclear plans, he is being accused of hating the country, lying, conspiring, stateless, destabilizer and the like.

Well, all I can say is that those who wrote this are joining the fascist Government in persecuting those that disagree with their ideology and foolishness. Imagine, some of these people dare to ask that the recall referendum be binding and not a simple consultative referendum! How dared they!

Is this intolerance or what? Is there room for that in a democratic society? I think not!

Either you are with them or you are against them. Note that in one sentence they bunch all of IVIC’s researchers in one, as if that institution would have any meaning without the “Investigadores”, the research leaders without whom that Institution would make no sense.

In the end, they call for a more severe penalty for this man who having the choice of living and working anywhere he wanted, he chose Venezuela, his country of birth, where he has worked with dedication and passion and has made Venezuela proud of counting him among his citizens.

And if there is treason in the above letter, it is that against the Spanish Language, misused when arguing that Claudio was not “votado” (Voted), instead of “botado” (Kicked out). Claudio was indeed “votado” in order to remove him as Head of his Laboratory, when the highest authorities of that Institution, shamelessly voted to remove him because he said something that the almighty leader was offended with. And the level of the offense is such, that one can only wonder why they took it that way, unless you think…

That maybe Claudio was so right in his article, that it hit the Government where it hurts…and thus the revenge and the attacks.

But perhaps the stupidest thing is to suggest that the shortages the country has had in the last few months are part of the same conspiracy, as if the average Venezuelan did not go daily to the markets only to find the shelves empty and even the Mercal leaders have admitted they screwed up royally.

What a bunch of sad but dangerous clowns these intolerant guys are!