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Chavez interviewed tonight by Barbara Walters, BS from the autocrat

March 16, 2007

So, am I supposed to get excited because Barbara Walters was charmed by the Autocrat/Dictator in that interview tonight? Please give me a break. The Chavez she saw was the snake charmer of the “love campaign” ast Fall, but we have seen what he means by love then and now with his renewed threats to friends and foe alike after he was reelected.

As proof, I saw a clip today in which Chavez claims to “respect” Condoleezza Rice.

Ummm, very interesting, wasn’t she the woman he called “illiterate”, despite the fact that she has a Ph.D. was a professot at Stanford University and is an accomplished classical musician?. And wasn’t she the woman that Chavez suggested needed to be provided with sexual favors, but he would not do that even for his fatherland and then started asking for volunteers among his cronies?

Is that respect? No, that was disgusting, shameful, sexist and gross behavior by anyone, more so a Head of State. So, maybe some Americans including Ms. Walters can be charmed by the lies and gross behavior of Hugo Chavez, but they should not waste their time believing that he is more conciliatory, he is just a great actor. Just pure Bush-bashing cynical propaganda aimed at fooling naive Americans who dislike their President.

If Ms. Walters was a true reporter, she would show the videos of Chavez doing and saying exactly the opposite. Or asking him how he can wear that watch and suit while people die o malnutrition or hunger. Or how come after the oil windfall, all numbers on health, poverty, education have barely budged. But I am sure she wouldn’t. It doesn’t sell…

Recently acquired Russian AK-103 military rifles used in raiding opposition offices

March 16, 2007

And just so that there is no doubt about the militaristic and autocratic Government of Hugo Chavez, below you can see the picture from the raid by the intelligence police of the headquarters of the two opposition groups Comando de la Resistencia and Alianza al Bravo Pueblo. See the weapons? They are the AK-103 rifles imported from the Russia. When these refiles were bought we were told that it was time to upgrade the FAL’s that the Armed Forces were using, that the new ones would be used to protect our sovereignty, defend the country and the like. Well, here you see two civilian cops raiding two opposition groups using these “military-only” rifles in a raid in Caracas.

Who else is carrying them?

How many Venezuelans will be killed with the 100,000 rifles purchased?

By the way, in the raids looking for weapons, they found fliers and posters defending human rights, mathematical studies of the Electoral Registry and forms to ask permission from local authorities to hold marches.

Maybe they are looking for “weapons” in the wrong places?

Opposition persecution continues by Chavez’ autocratic Government

March 16, 2007

So, this Government which is so “democratic” and respectful of “Human Righst” raids the offices of opposition group Comando de la Resistancia and Alianza al Bravo Pueblo, ostensibly looking for weapons, which were not found. Meanwhile pro-Chavez supporters like Lina Ron and the Tupamaros go around Caracas armed to the teeth and even daring to stop civilians to check them.

Meanwhile the Prosecutor holds a press conference to say that student leader Nixon Moreno can not receive political asylum because he is not being charged with a political crime, but a common crime. Sure, his “common” crime is that he was truly democratically elected as student leader of the University of Los Andes and led protests when the National Guard illegally entered that university. This led the same Prosecutor’s office to issue a search warrant only for him. Yeap, this is not political…Curious how it is always opposition leaders, sounds like Mugabe to me.

Another one in the long list of human rights violations of Hugo Chavez the autocrat…What else is new, but it is on the records…