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Hillary blasts Hugo

March 5, 2007

So it turns out that Hillary and I do have one thing in common, she blasted Chavez out of the water today:

“If we said, ‘Turn off that light because we don’t want to send any
more money to Chavez in Venezuela,’ that would make a difference.”

“The former first lady assailed the Venezuelan president for fomenting “anti-Americanism across Latin America””

I guess they ran a poll on what issue would favor her, and Dear Hugo came out at the top. Bloggers must be getting the message out. (Thanks M.)

Now waiting for Obama to join the fray…I guess Hugo will not have it easy if the Democrats win either…

The banner that irked Chavez

March 5, 2007

Being so Bolivarian, Hugo Chavez was truly irked (He has mentioned it three times in public already) by this banner hung around many places in Caracas by Ciudadania Activa with a quote from Simon Bolivar in reference to Chavez’ intention of changing the Constitution to allow his indefinite reelection:

“Nothing is more dangerous than to allow the same citizen to stay in power a long time. The people get used to obeying  him and he gets used to telling them what to do which originates tyranny and  usurpation”