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An example of how the Military cadre running Venezuela is ripping us off day after day

March 15, 2007

When a bunch of military stage a coup in 1992 led among others by Hugo Chavez, the ostensible reason was that they were tired of the levels of corruption by Venezuela’s politicians and that they were doing it “for the poor”. Time has proven that the military cadre that surrounds Hugo Chavez could care less about the poor, honesty and morals. Never had Venezuela witnessed such levels of corruption and unethical behavior that under these cadre of former military officers that is raping the country.

Former Generals and military officers jet around in their own private planes around Venezuela, usually the latest models from Citation. They use them to visit their farms, many of the on the same land taken over by the Land Institute from private hands, later abandoned and given to these friendly military buddies. Meanwhile the inefficient Chavez administration is run mostly by former military officers, their buddies and relatives, most of them enjoying the highest civil service salaries in the country’s history, both in absolute and relative terms, which fantastic end of the year bonuses, peeks, cars and anyone who is anyone drives around in two or three armored cars full of bodyguards. Most of these military officers have little if any management experience, which explains the incompetence and inefficiency of the Government, as they have replaced all of the previous existence structure.

They name their friends and relatives to positions, give each other salary increases and perks, while publicly saying they are working for the poor. Nepotism is rampant, last names repeat and there are no scruples, morals or ethical values left as checks and balances have simply disappeared.

Case in point is the resolution issued in the official gazette on March 1st. by the so called “Minister of the Popular Power of defense” and signed by General Raul Baduell who is always speaking about doing things for the poor. In it, Baduell increases the pension of Jose David Cabello to 100% of the salary of the military rank when he retired because “He requires permanent attention to carry out the activities in his life due to the fact that he is totally and permanently incapacitated.

Cabello is the brother of Miranda Governor Diosdado Cabello and is currently Minister of Infrastructure, where he enjoys a second high salary, expenses and bodyguards on top of his recently increased pension. Other than looking somewhat overweight, Cabello looks healthy and requires no aid for any of his activities as Minister, contradicting the generous decree above. Note that Cabello, because of his age, did not even complete 25 years in the military but was given a special pension by none other than President Hugo Chavez.

That is how the military cadre not only took over Venezuela but are quickly becoming the new and very rich oligarchy of Venezuela in the name of socialism and the poor. That is how they rip off Venezuela day after day.

All in the name of the “revolution”…