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The History Chavez by Laureno Marquez

July 20, 2007

This column in Tal Cual was originally published in 2005. Note in particular the sentence about the fact that there is no censorship because not a single TV station has been shutdown. Humor is certainly necessary, the problem is when the humor only tells us how crude our reality is.

The History Chavez by Laureno Marquez in Tal Cual

As Poleo told someone: Everything has been said, but since nobody seems to pay attention, everything has to be repeated….Up to the end of history.

(Warning: Some things are written before their time. This article was already published in this page (2005, to be specific). I came back to it because I thought it recover its meaning in the light of the recent announcements that cable TV should also be in cadena (obligatory broadcast of Chavez’s speeches). If at the moment of its publication it seemed like an exercise in humor-fiction, now I think it can be a pathetic reality. Some names have been change or omitted to protect the innocent (that is, the author) because in 2005 on would not apply self-censorship as much, nor had the fear like we do now.
I have also cut it a bit, not so much because of fear, but because t at its time it was extensive, with this warning it may be insufferable.

Any likeness that remains, after the cuts, with circumstances or real names are purely coincidental (with the reality that insists in coinciding with what one writes and not the other way around)

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