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A friend sends some nice pictures

July 22, 2007

Santos M. saw his brother’s pictures on this page and could not resist sending his own, strangely many of them did not arrive well, but there are sufficient of them to have a few posts while I get my act together with my own. I am guessing at soem of the names, will correct if necessary

On the left Angraecum Leoni from Africa. On the left, it looks like a Cattleya Giga from Colombia.

On the left Cattleya Araguayensis from Brazil, not an easy plant, I had one that flowered twice and the one day it just died. On the right a good bunch of Coryanthes Macrantha.

Above left is a Cycnoches hybrid, one of these days I will get a brain transplant and remember the name, it is some lady’s name. On the right a Trichoglotis from the Philipines.