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Hugo Chavez’ wisdom

July 29, 2007

Wisdom from autocrat:

“The Transamazonic pipeline project is “cold”, attacks from within Latin America have done it…we want to share the wealth with other countries”

Jezz, my guess is the project was born “cold”. A US$20 (or is it 30?) billion project invented by Hugo himself to carry gas Venezuela does not have across the Amazon and all the way to Argentina. As for the wealth there are an estimated 350,000 shacks in Caracas waiting to “share the wealth”.

Justifying his indefinite reelection: ” I only started raising the socialist flag two years ago…six years can go by like the first six”

Well, it is a pity you had no project and spent the first six years looking for one. But what happens if you change your mind and start a new one? Maybe Venezuelans would be better off with someone who has some idea as to where she or he is going.

—“The people need dignified housing…the housing problem is caused by capitalism”

It can also be caused by bad Governments, since Chavez became President the number of homes built every year has gone down to one third of what it used to be under this “less capitalistic system”

—“Cities like the one we are building in El Camino de Los Indios, will be the model for the socialist society we are building”

Well, it certainly starts badly, building a city in the middle of a National Park, but he never mentioned that. I thought the international left wanted to sell the world that Chavez is a “green” President. Maybe they realized what a stupid idea and hard sell this would be just by looking at the Transamazon pipeline idea above.

—“The continuos reelection is a mechanism like the one in France…”

I was going to explain the fallacy of saying this, but our friend Daniel did such a good job, why bother?