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An efficient Government only for persecuting and going after its political enemies

July 21, 2007

It makes you wonder what the last eight years would have been like, if the robolution went after and worked on the problems that affect the country with the same efficiency and intensity that it does when it comes to persecution and prosecuting its enemies. Case in point is the speed and efficiency with which the Government has attempted to deal with the “new” RCTV International, the monster created by them when they decided to cancel the concession of that broadcast station just because the autocrat/dictator felt like punishing what he considered to be his strongest enemy among media outlets.

No sooner had the Government realized on Monday that the new RCTV was not under its control and could continue its regular programming while the regulated stations would show Chavez’ speeches, that William Lara, who continues to retain his dual role as spokesman for Chavez’ party and Minister of Information, said that the Government will propose that all broadcasts via cable and satellite TV should carry both Chavez’ odious “cadenas’, as well as all institutional messages and advertising as I reported a couple of days ago.

But even faster than s speeding bullet was the “Board for Social Responsibility in Radio and Television” which, while seldom heard from, met on Monday and by Tuesday it had already managed to study the programming of RCTV and decided that while a foreign company, RCTV International’s programming was directed to Venezuela and mostly produced in Venezuela and thus should abide by Venezuelan laws. Thus, according to the infinite wisdom of the Board, RCTV International would have to adjust to legislation and , of course, broadcast Chavez’ cadenas.

The curious thing is that not only was the decision too efficient, but it is also discriminatory. You see, Chavez’ pet project Telesur, which is mostly produced in Venezuela and is also broadcast to Venezuela is not required by law to carry the Government’s transmissions, nor does it ahve to abide by the country’s laws. The reason? Simple, because if Telesur has had difficulties in penetrating the audiences of Latin America that Chavez thought would be ready to watch it, they would be instantly turned off by having to watch Chavez whenever he gave one of his long speeches, parades and institutional messages.

Once again, the Government wants to tailor decisions and make the laws so as to persecute its enemies much like it has done before. This is nothing new. While crime and corruption run rampant, the Government has gone after its enemies prosecuting them for even the smallest details, just to get them out of the way. Case in point was the charges yesterday against former judge Monica Fernandez for events during April 2002, while all of the deaths and injuries those days remain without a single person having been sentenced for any of them.

It is all part of the cynicism of the robolution and its actors. While PDVSA is called “in an operational emergency” due to inefficiency and corruption by one of its most important Vice Pesident and oil production is down significantly, while local consumption goes up, Chavez yesterday in Nicaragua starts the construction of an oil refinery in that country with Venezuela’s money, which will use 150,000 barrels a day of our own oil, of which that country will use 50,000 barrels a day and export the remainder 100,000 in another example of how Chavez appears to believe that Venezuela is his own personal hacienda at the service of the promotion of his image and leadership.

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s main source of revenue is being destroyed by corruption, incapacity and cronyism, in the belief that the price of oil will never go down and will always save the day. However, at the pace the deterioration is going, by the time reality sets in, there may not be media or enemies around to point out that this is all the result of the autocrat’s idiocy, while he is likely to blame the CIA for all of his problems.

It is hard to foresee where this country may be going, but it ain’t very pretty, as Chavez’ closed circle is constantly reduced more and more and very few capable managers are part of it, since it is only the political and loyal operators who are constantly rewarded. This becomes a vicious circle of political hate and persecution, which guarantees the continuity of the autocrat’s misguided policies.