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Sincor President admits existence of discriminatory list and says it is State policy

July 26, 2007

It is still a mystery how well the heavy crude partnership of Sincor will work under the “new” management of PDVSA, but what we do know, is that discrimination will be the rule of the day under the Presidency of Chavista Ysaac Donise, from what Tal Cual relates today about the meeting last Friday of the company’s workers with the old employees.

Said Donis: “I am here. Anyone that wants can ask me.” Those present began questioning the veracity of a new listing based on the infamous Tascon/Chavez database, in which people were rated as “apt” or “not apt” to work at the company.

Donis removed any doubts they may have had when he said: “This is a matter of the State. There is a list being circulated in the press and it is real. It came out of here, we are investigating it and whomever leaked it will go to jail. It will be applied to key personnel which is within or outside the company”

Said one worker: “He told us that at Sincor there are new guidelines: If on Fridays you have to dress in red, you do it and that’s it. It is an order from above. If you have to register in a “mision”, you do it and if someone does not like it, we will see about it”

Four engineers in the “Not Apt” category have already been fired by Sincor.

These are the words of one of the useful idiots of the revolution, known as commissars at other times and in other places.

By the way, shame on French company Total and Norwegian company Statoil, who are partners in the Sincor projects and allow these policies in their company. In fact, they chose to stay as partenrs of Sincor, with a 40% stake between the two.This would be absolutely unthinkable in their own countries. But that is something I have learned in the last few years, most companies and politicians are willing to tolerate orders of magnitude of abuses more in Venezuela that they would allow in their own countries.

I guess, we now have an “upgraded” Tascon/Chavez list ready to discriminate and persecute Venezuelans on the basis of their political ideas and foreign companies are participating openly in making money out of these operations.

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July 26, 2007

More pictures from Santos M., lots more coming in the future! Below top lft a very nicely shaped Cattleya Lueddemanianna. On the right an unidentified hybrid. In the next row, onthe bottom left there is a Ionopsis and on the right a beautiful Lueddemanianna concolor, wish it was mine!
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