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Some of my own pictures

July 23, 2007

At last I got time to take some pictures of the latest flowering. Above a hybrid of Cat. Lulu x Cat. Maui Plum. Yes, it may look artificial, but those are the true colors. On the right a Schomburgkia Brysiana from the Cayman Islands.

On the left a Brassavola Cordata. On the right my Cattleya Violacea. I love this flower, I am no expert and I am not sure how good the flower is, but I just checked and this plant was posted in June 2006 (three flowers), Nov. 2006 (four flowers), April 2007 (5 flowers) and now (four flowers). This from a plant that is not supposed t flower well in Caracas? Strange, no? Anyone want to make a clone?

I love these little Sophronitis Cernua from Brazil, this time I took the picture in full sun.

The autocrat shows his true undemocratic colors

July 23, 2007

Yesterday was a bad day for the supposed democratic credentials of the
autocrat/dictator. His basic instincts betrayed him and he proved once again that he may be anything, but certainly not a democrat.

First, Chavez said that the indefinite reelection will be proposed only
for him, using the new euphemism of “continuous” reelection, which has been chosen
as the new term given the low popularity of the possibility of
“indefinite” reelection. Said Chavez: “No, no, no and one thousand times
no, if there is continuous reelection here, it will be for the
President”, proving that there is no philosophical basis for the
proposal other than perpetuating Hugo Chavez in power.

Then, using his
ability to lie, deceive and exaggerate, Chavez said :”I will do what the
“people” say…” as if the “people” had been consulted on the subject.
In fact, all that is known is that the “people” reject the concept of
indefinite reelection in polls and that is why the Government has begun
this campaign of promoting the new word “continuous”.

But the saddest episode occurred when Hugo Chavez did not allow a
community leader to tell him what he wanted, because he was telling
Chavez that he is being lied to, as shown in the video below.

First the
guy, who is pro-Chavez, tells him that he is being lied to and is
being misled about the need to move the barrio where he lives. Chavez responds by
telling him that he has been poisoned, stops him from talking and tells
the guy that he is wrong and that they will continue later.

Three hours
later (!!!), the guy is allowed to speak again and he tells Chavez :”How is it possible, that we as a community are being imposed what we
should say in “Alo Presidente” (Chavez’ program), we are in a free and democratic country, where we should be able to say what we feel. What we feel is that we want to be listened to as a community… and that no Vice-Minister should mistreat us”.

Chavez then stops him once more and says that what he is questioning is Chavez’ program and who knows what interests he is trying to defend. The guy was not allowed to say anything else. Some democracy or exchnage of ideas, no?

“Sr. Presidente, a Ud. lo están engañando”
Uploaded by lbracci

Can it be any clearer than this?