Some of my own pictures

July 23, 2007

At last I got time to take some pictures of the latest flowering. Above a hybrid of Cat. Lulu x Cat. Maui Plum. Yes, it may look artificial, but those are the true colors. On the right a Schomburgkia Brysiana from the Cayman Islands.

On the left a Brassavola Cordata. On the right my Cattleya Violacea. I love this flower, I am no expert and I am not sure how good the flower is, but I just checked and this plant was posted in June 2006 (three flowers), Nov. 2006 (four flowers), April 2007 (5 flowers) and now (four flowers). This from a plant that is not supposed t flower well in Caracas? Strange, no? Anyone want to make a clone?

I love these little Sophronitis Cernua from Brazil, this time I took the picture in full sun.

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