The masks are falling by Teodoro Petkoff

July 24, 2007

A good one by Petkoff, as the robolution parties and persecutes at the same time.

The masks are falling by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Costly, ostentatious and overflowing with prententiousness parties-many a week-, brutal forms of political discrimination in the oil industry-not because they repeat they become less hateful-, the unusual frankness of the high oil executive Luis Vierma undressing the disaster of the “new PDVSA”, the swan song of General Baduel, it all became in one week a true mudslide of information about the course of XXI st. century socialism and the self-destructive advances of the “Chacumbele effect”*

The stuff at Sincor is not a causal or isolated phenomenon; nor is it a personal initiative, which can be attributed to the policeman and inquisitorial zeal of one Jesus Ochoa, “Human” Resources Manager of the company. Of course, if the task was given to him to act as the executioner of his work mates, it must not be because he is a quiet angel. But that is irrelevant. All repressive regimes always encounter their dogs of war. That does not exonerate him, nor does it attenuate his individual responsibility, but that manager obeys and applies a line of action, a repressive conception designed in the high spheres of the Government-not even of PDVSA-, in the same place where the instruments for social and political controls of the population are cooked. The questions to which the workers are subject to, the swiny classification of “apt” or “not apt”, on the basis of a purely political measure, leave behind almost like a fairy tale the ineffable “IDocracy” of AD and COPEI of yesteryear.We are now in the presence of a sinister machination, of a “Current Operating Procedure”-to use military language-, advancing with cold and implacable determination, to break the will of the population, to tyrannize it, from a totalitarian perspective.

This is not the “criollo” sneakiness but the institutionalization of the political ghetto where they want to put their adversaries.

We are facing a state policy. Those that oppose the Government lose their rights, are transformed into non-persons. That is why it is not impossible to think in the Cuban/Fidel “advisers”.

The other side of the coin is the permanent party binge. The noveau rich that have risen out of the corruption of the dirty deals, of the use of the connections of power to steal, they devote themselves to imitate like monkeys the habits and cstoms that at one time they denounced “in the rich people”. While the jesusochoas and other individuals “apt” for the inquisitorial job do it, the josevicentes and pedrocarreños enjoy themselves. But not in the modest ways that you would assume from in careful listeners of Alo Presidente-from which the thickest streams of revolutionary morality are poured-, but from a cartoon of the most crass yuppism. They are pathetic, and deep inside what they inspire us disdain.

The masks are falling. This is an endless ash Wenesday, but not for repenting but so that everyone can see the repulsive face of power for the sake of power.

*Chacumbele killed himself by trying out his own poison, in this case it refers to Chavez

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