International Olympic Committee adopts Chaz method

August 3, 2007

On his Sunday program Alo Presidente, attempted to manipulate the truth using his customary convoluted logic he uses for everything to try to show that Venezuela’s terrible performance at the Panamerican games in Brazil was actually a victory. His Chavezian argument suggested that Venezuela did better than arch-enemy the US because the number of medals per inhabitant was higher for Venezuelan than for the gringoes. Today Simon Bocanegra in Tal Cual takes Chavez to task with this fake news item on the issue:

International Olympic Committee adopts Chaz method by Simon Bocanegra in Tal Cual

Geneva.-The International Olympic Committe, following the recommendation made by the President of Venezuela, decided to adopt the novel method proposed by hos excellency for the calculation of sports medals. It immediately recalculated the medals from the Panamerican Games. The new standings changed radically the overall view of the games. The small islands
in the Caribbean of Antigua and Barbuda took the top place for the first time with 12.08 medals per one million inhabitants, defeating other continental sports powerhouses like Bahamas (6.19) and the Netherland Antilles (5.47). Cuba occupied the fourth place (5.24). The biggest disappointment was Venezuela which from the eight place it occupied under the old calculation method, fell to tenth place with the one proposed by its President with 0.37 medals per million inhabitants. Countries considered up to now as sports powerhouses in the Continent, such as Brazil. Mexico and Argentina, to which one should add Colombia, came in the last places overall.

The United States, that had been usurping first place in 13 out of the 15 Panamerican Games that have taken place, occupied the 12th. place, showing its mediocre standing in sports, masked up to now by an imperialistic calculation, which originates in the Greek empire and perfected later by the Roman Empire.


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