Doonesbury “gets it”, Daniel gets the visitors and Chavez proves the whole point today

August 8, 2007

While I know most of you read Daniel’s blog anyway, I can’t help but note that his post today on the Doonesbury cartoon calling Venezuela a pariah state, got a lot of attention thanks to Instapundit. The fact that such a well-known cartoonist, not precisely known for his right wing tendencies, classifies Venezuela not only as a pariah, but also in the esteemed company of of fellow pariah states Sudan and North Korea, sends a clear and broad message that people around the world are “getting it” about Chavez.

Of course, Chavez does not help his cause very much, by saying today in Uruguay that “one of the greatest problems facing humanity is the media”.

He is of course very wrong, one of the greatest problems facing humanity is autocrats like him, Mugabe, Putin, Kim Il Sung and friends, who can’t stand the least criticism, disregard the law and checks and balances and could care less about democracy, human rights and the environment.

If one the biggest problems facing humanity was the media, humanity would be in much better shape than it actually is

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