Maletagate now dismissed by Foreign and Interior Ministers as too much ado about nothing

August 11, 2007

Official Maletagate logo from El Mundo

Now I am a bit confused with the Government’s strategy. After clear coordination yesterday, today we get two jewels from Ministers claiming this is much ado about nothing:

Minister of Foreign Relations Maduro: “These types of incidents take place every day in all airports of the world”

Jeez, where should I begin. Yes, but not in a plane carrying high Government officials? Yes, but not with planes arriving from countries where it is illegal to hold so much cash? Yes, but those caught are detained or at least, not allowed to leave the country? Yes, but the Government’s responsible for the borders investigate how the money left the country? Yes, but the origin of the funds checked?…

Minister of the Interior Pedro Carreo: “We can’t satanize it only to learn later that the money got on board somewhere else”

This from the man who told us Montesinos was dead or the CIA was spying on us via Direct TV set top boxes. Didn’t he hear that no investigation was going to be made at the beginning because none of the crimes took place in Venezuela? Or how about the fact that PDVSA says none of its employees has been singled out by the Argentinean authorities? Then, I ask, how did this man get on the plane? Is that irrelevant?

Can’t both these guys think? A plane full of Argentinean and PDVSA officials carries one person with a suitcase full of cash and there is no suspicion that others in the plane knew about it? Why did Enarsa charter the plane? If Enarsa has not started the first business with PDVSA, does it make sense to charter a $60,000 flight to hold a meeting? If Antonini was in Buenos Aires 12 times during the last year, most times leaving the same day: How did he arrive the other times? Was it always in private planes? Were there always PDVSA people on the flights? Why was the Argentinean adviser to the Minister of Planning fired? Why was this man on that plane? Was he part of the negotiations between the two oil companies? Why did the PDVSA employees give fake addresses? Why was the son of a PDVSA VP on the plane?

Oh yeah! And it turns out that Antonini’s partner, has something to do with a company whose jet was confiscated by the DEA in June and just happens to be owned by one of Mercal’s most important suppliers.

Too much of a coincidence?

Things like these do not even happen in the movies and smart Government officials should shut up before they are caught in too many lies. We have heard so many already…and counting

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