Around the revolution on 60 seconds

August 26, 2007

Some interesting tidbits and questions which show that the revolution never ceases to amaze:

–Minister of the Interior Carreño in yesterday’s El Nacional: “We do not check at customs suitcases with dollars”

We know, we know

–And Lt. Jesus Urdaneta, one of the four leaders of the 1992 coup with Chavez, who was later his Head of Intelligence reminds us that one of 40 cases over which resigned because Chavez would do nothing about them, was a suitcase with  US$ 300,000 in cash sent to the Colombian guerrilla.

How many suitcases did we miss since that one in the year 2000 and Antonini’s this year?

–President Chavez wants to act as a middleman for some Colombians kidnapped by Colombia’s FARC.

Funny, he does nothing for the 75 Venezuelans under the same situation, some of them kidnapped by the same group.

–And today Chavez demanded that Great Britain return the Malvinas (Falklands) islands to Argentina.

Why didn’t he demand that British Guayana return to Venezuela the Esequibo region? By the way, what does Chavez buddy the Mayor of the city of London think of this? Someone should ask him…

–Finally, if Chavez does not believe in “representative democracy” and only believes in his “participatory democracy” where the people decide everything, how come he wants us to vote as a block on his proposals for Constitutional reform and we can’t participate in the details of the 33 changes proposed by him and approved by the undesirable “representatives”?

Just asking…

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