Maletagate update: The cover up by the Governmnet continues

August 27, 2007

The weeks go by and the cover-up of the Maletagate affiair continues in earnest:

—The Minister of the Interior states categorically that suitcases “with dollars” are never checked in Venezuela. Anyone who has never traveled may believe this is true, but all hand luggage is always checked and the National Guard at the Maiquetia Airport, teh same one where the infamous Enarsa flight left from spot checks suitcases. When I left in eraly June, every single one of my suitcases was opened and searched and obviously I had to go through the X-ray machines. In fact, I had to go through two of them. for some reason. I guess it plays well for the gallery.

—Local newspaper Tal Cual reports that the Prosecutor’s office id doing nothing on the case. All they have done so far is ask the Argentinean authorities for details of the flight, the incident and the list of passengers. Not one of the PDVSA employees involved has been called to testify in a blatant cover up by that office. In fact, nobody is even investigating if the PDVSA workers violated the anti-corruption laws by accepting the ride i the Enarsa airplane.

—Former Vice-President Jose Vicente Rangel suggested on his Sunday TV program a cynical explanation for the suitcase with US$ 800,000 in bills. His explanation is so stupid and against known facts, that it is clearly just a smokescreen for the gallery. What Rangel said was that the money was the result of the sale of PDVSA bonds bought by the local branch of Argentina’s Banco del Sol. According to him, the local branch “buys” PDVSA bonds in local currency and exchanges them for dollars which were being sent to the home office in Argentina.

Well, as what a harebrained and stupid by our former Vice-President. First of all, the Venezuelan Banco del Sol has absolutely nothing to do with the Argentinean one. Second, you don’t regularly buy PDVSA bods with local currency and sel them for US$, this was done only once in April and that was it. Finally, you sell these bonds abroad in the international markets, there is no cash market for them locally, least of all payable in bills in the middle of exchange controls. So this is simply BS which is part of the cover up by the Government on the case.

—Guido Antonini has disappeared from the face of the earth. The main witness on the case, the man that had “nothing to do with the Government’ is nowhere to be found. Strange how he can arrange this. It takes resources and papers to do a disappearing act like in the movies and you need the help of a Government. Initially there was a rumor that Antonini was with the FBI, which the FBI denied. What other Government can then be involved in helping him?

You guessed it, the same one orchestrating yet another blatant act of corruption by this outlaw autocracy. From Chavez down, the whole Government is involved in this cover up of this act, which was just a small sample of the large scale and wholesale corruption under the orders and supervision of Hugo Chavez.


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