When the Rule of Law is non-existent and abuses by Government officials are the norm in Venezuela

June 6, 2008

The Head of the Venezuelan Intelligence Police
(DISIP), in the face of the outcry over the new “intelligence” Bill issued
by the Chavez thuggish Government, defended the Bill and its provisions
that force Venezuelans to become informants, using this wonderful argument
which reveals how this guy’s brain has no concept of what a democracy is
and I quote word by word this jerk’s words:

“Rangel Silva (The Head
of DISIP) disqualified those that say the Law will create “informers”,
because, according to him, DISIP already has a wide network of
collaborators that informs it, among other things, of everything candidates
do, both pro-Chavez and opposition”

There you have it imbecile
PSF’s, try to defend that one!

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