Tales from the Fascist Revolutionary Crypt

June 9, 2008

Remember the Venezuelan National Guardsman captured in Colombia with 40,000 bullets for the FARC’s AK-47 rifles?

The same one that General Fredys Alonso, Commander of the Venezuelan National Guard said “When
we received the information, we immediately began to inquire and I can
say with all propriety that there does not exist neither in the
payroll, nor in the ranks of the National Guard an active or retired
member with the name Manuel Agudo Escalona”
that? It was all another charade by the hateful and lying Colombian
authorities to make Venezuela and its Government look bad, much like
the Reyes fake computer information.
Well, we
had another flip-flop today on Sergeant  Agudo Escalona. You see,
General Alonso’s exhaustive search within his own ranks, active and
retired, failed to turn up not a soldier, but a sergeant, who was
indeed caught in Colombia, but here is where the two stories diverge,
as told by Badass Rodriguez Chacin in a press conference. 
turns out that the honorable Sergeant Agudo Escalona was simply set up
by the Colombian authorities. He was offered to accompany someone
across the border, in order to smuggle some 500 million Bolivars (US$
200,000) across the border, for which he was offered payment.
Sergeant was asked to please wear his uniform to make the whole thing
more effective I guess. He the boarded a boat with the money (He did
not mention how many suitcases it takes to pack Bs. 500 million) and
three people who were unknown to him introduced three boxes in the boat
with the ammunition. At that point a commission from the Colombian Army
showed up and detained him in what was clearly a trap to catch this
Sergeant in an illegal activity different than the one he thought he
was carrying out. 
Of course, there is no
explanation as to why he pleaded guilty on Saturday if he was so
trapped. And we are to believe a man who the FARC called a “true
badass” when he tels us this story about poor Sergeant Agudo, who by
the way was being paid some US$ 40,000 to accompany the money across
the border.
Nice work if you can get it, nice tale if you believe it. 
after so many tales, contradictions and flip-flops, does Badass really
expect us to believe this new tale from the fascist revolutionary crypt?

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