When all the clowns in Venezuela want to run the circus

June 26, 2008

Somehow the picture above reflects what is happening in
Venezuela much better than any words I can put together.  It was taken on Tuesday during the
parade in Campo de Carabobo, in celebration of the battle that gave the country
its independence.

First of all, Chavez spent this “celebration” talking about
politics and telling us why it is that “no volveran” (they will not comeback).
The problem is that it is no longer clear if he means “no volveran” or “yo no
me voy” (I will not leave), because nobody even seems to remember who it is
that will not come back.

Because Chavez used his speech to tell us who among his
former heroes will not come back. Baduel for example. Chavez’ former buddy,
friend, confidant and the man that saved Chavez’ rear end in 2002, we were told
that Baduel can go to hell and never come back. He then proceeded to do the
same with burping, bumbling idiot Acosta Carles, his self-appointed Governor of
Carabobo, famous for the burp that was heard around the world. One of the most
visible clowns of the revolution.

And we heard Acosta Carles come
on and say
he forgives Chavez, sounding like the veritable clown he is.
Reminding Chavez that he saved his revolution with his burp. The guy is
actually quite proud of his silly moment in history!

And Acosta Carles turns the “Patria, Socialismo o Muerte” of
Chavez in a more benign “Patria, Socialismo o Amor”, certainly an improvement
and better than Chavez Minister of Defense that says
Socialism is life and that is why he is ready to fight for the revolution.

Another day, another clown.

And just to remind us that things can actually get worse
under Chavez, he praises his new hero he has found for poor Carabobo State:
That perverse and despicable journalist of La Hojilla named Mario Silva. I
mean, why does Chavez hate Carabobo so much? What did they do to him there?
Because Mr Silva has no redeeming qualities. No managerial experience. No
political following. Thus, Chavez wants him to be Governor of Carabobo.

And who would have ever thought that we may be grateful to
Acosta Carles for anything? Acosta Carles, while he apologized to Chavez, in
his delirium said that if the “people” want to be a candidate he will be.

Which is just a lesson he learned from the clown master
himself, Hugo Chavez, who always says he is doing things for the “people”, but
he only does what Hugo Chavez, wants. That’s the problem, Chavez has created
dozens of powerful monsters, which to us appear as clowns and now he does not
know how to stop them, but these clowns have undertaken a life of their own.

And then Chavez showed why he is the despicable autocrat he
is, when he said that he defended the Comptroller for disqualifying the corrupt
of the country. Corrupt? Not one person in the list of the Comptroller has been
tried or found guilty. Moreover, the most relevant ones are not being
disqualified for stealing money, but for changing line items in the budget, or
for violating obscure sections of the administrative code.

But nobody is disqualified, for example, for charging
commissions for giving bonds to anyone at a discount. Or even investigated for
example, for carrying suitcases full of cash in Government airplanes. Or nobody
has looked into the sudden wealth of Government officials, like Chavez’ family.
Or former Vice President Jorge Rodriguez. Or the multi million dollar apartments
in Miami of PDVSA Directors. Or the use of VTV for a political party. Or the
use of the Electoral Board for Chavez’ party’s primary? Or front running of
PDVSA bonds? Or Sovereign bonds? Or the sale of the Citibank building? Or the
drop of production of PDVSA? Or stealing the funds for the non-working sugar
plants? Or where did Juan Barreto find money to buy the Daily Journal? Or who
owns Banco Bolivar, Banco Confederado or Banpro? Or who acts an intermediary
for the structured notes and bonds sold by the Government (All 8 billion
dollars of them)? Or where did the money from the FIEM go in 2003 (we are
talking billions missing)?

I could go on but it would get boring, it is all in this
blog since August 2002.

And the clowns!

How about the Minister of Health who claimed the current
mumps epidemic was the fault of the prior Government because 14 and 15 year
olds were getting it and thus never got the vaccine, forgetting that four year
olds are also infected? Or the Tax Office guy this week saying there was no
Supreme Court decision on taxable salary, but it is right there on the Court’s
webpage? Or the defense of the Intelligence Bill by the usual people that suck
up to Chavez, until Chavez realized the issue was becoming too hot to keep and
dumped them? How about the crimes that are not relevant to society, like gang
homicides, jail killings and family disputes? Those don’t count for God’s sake;
they are irrelevant according to the Minister of Justice. Who by the way was
accused of a massacre when he was in the military during the awful days of the
Fourth Republic, but now sympathizes somehow with those on the other side of
the massacre!

And how about the military clowns? Do you realize that
almost none of the Ministers of Defense that Chavez has had could speak well?
Why is that? The last one can barely put a few sentences together and now
General Garcia Carneiro, one of the worst offenders of this,  is being imposed on the people of Vargas
State as Chavez candidate for Governor. 

As if the people of Vargas were not masochistic enough
already! An act of God destroyed their state in 2000 and Chavez is making sure
it stays that way and they keep voting for his people! They deserve Garcia
Carneiro! They deserve their children to speak up as incoherently as him and
their votes!

And today the National Assembly defends the Comptroller; one
day after saying the Moral Council’s attempt to remove two Supreme Court
Justices was illegal. And guess what? The Comptroller is one of the three
clowns in the Immoral Council!

We are now supposed to believe that the same guy who could
not read in the Constitution that decisions of the Council have to be unanimous
and by all of its three members, can understand more complicated things like
what disqualifying means, or what human rights are or how to even spell  “Interamerican Convention on Human

Just think, in ten years, only one-person has been found
guilty for corruption. That guy is probably innocent! Or stupid!

But of all the stupid and clownish things I have heard
lately, the best one has to be the General that said the media could be
prosecuted for revealing national secrets. What was the context?

Well, Clown #1 had ordered nine divisions to move to the
border with Colombia to defend the country. For two days, the media reported
that there had been no movement. That was when the Chief military clown
threatened to prosecute the media for “revealing” this national secret.

Of course, he never thought he should prosecute the Chief
clown for announcing the troop movement on National TV. Or making the decision
by himself without consultation in violation of the laws.

Or maybe, just maybe, he should have ordered an
investigation on why the clown troops did not obey the orders of the Chief

Or why when the troops were finally mobilized, only a
fraction of what was ordered was mobilized.

Could it be that after US$ 9 billion in weapons purchases we
are still running in place like six years ago?

The problems is not the clowns, it is that by now, these guys think they can run the circus…

And they all want to replace Chavez in running the circus.

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