June 29, 2008

Random Bits from the revolution

Passionate about money: Remember
when the Minister of Justice dismissed the murder of RCTV’s anchorman
Javier Garcia as a “crime of passion” that should not affect society? Well,
as usual the Minister was talking without knowing anything about the case.
Yes, the murderer was caught, but the only passion so far in the case was
that of the murdered for money as the police said the motive was robbery.
Another triumph for the stupidity and incompetence of Minister Rodriguez
Chacin! In any reasonable country he would have resigned six cases

Supreme Switch: Venezuela must be the only country where the
Supreme Court issues a decision, the decision is published on the Court’s
webpage and sawn into the Court’s records (A strange custom in itself!),
only to be modified when the Government calls the Court and tells it to
change it. This happened this week with the decision by none other than the
former President of the Venezuelan Electoral Board (remember the one that
could barely speak?) on what is considered taxable and when it will be
applicable. The original sentence said it was only regular salaries, which
is the case in the new one, but the old one said it would apply from the
original decision by the Supreme Court, while the new one says starting
next year. The difference is important, as it would imply a credit to all
those that paid taxes this year. This creates a loophole in that companies
may give workers special non-regular bonuses as a way of giving them
non-taxable income and thus a salary increase. Of course, the original
decision was filled with revolutionary intent, which can backfire when
reality hits. 

Failed Plan: Two weeks ago General
Manager/Chief Justice/Commander in Chief/President Chavez had the brilliant
idea of stopping crime by placing two National Guardsman with FAL rifles on
every public transportation bus in the country. As everything in Venezuela,
this was simply improvised on his live reality show Alo Presidente, but
clearly the President had no clue that this would require more National
Guardsmen that the country had, without taking into account the danger of
untrained, armed soldiers on every bus. Some eager beavers took the
President’s words as an order and for one day many buses in Caracas carried
the two guards until someone realized what a stupid idea it was (I am sure
they never told Chavez). On top of that crime did not go down that day in
Caracas. The idea was dropped and the new “program” lasted only twenty
fours hours. Don’t complain, that is longer than many other programs
started by Hugo Chavez.

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