A Time of Rats by Teodoro Petkoff

October 1, 2008




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Moreno was an opposition student leader who was ready to win the elections for
student council at the Universidad de Los Andes when the Government canceled the
elections saying they should be supervised by the Electoral Board.
Demonstrations followed the cancelation and then the Government charged Moreno
with raping a police women. Moreno
asked for asylum from the Vatican which he got after
the Vatican
investigated the case. So far, the Venezuelan Government has refused to grant
him asylum, the Electoral Board did not allow him to run for office in his own
State of Merida arguing he does not reside in that State (Neither do dozens of
Chavista candidates all over the country) and the busy Comptroller is trying to
invalidate his Bachelors degree by doing an exhaustive investigation on how
Moreno passed his last few courses remotely from the Vatican’s Embassy. This is
simply further harassment and violation of Moreno’s
rights. Today, Teodoro Petkoff addresses the issue of how the Chavez Government
ignores treaties and international law and acts like Dictators of the past and

A Time of Rats by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual




What officialdom is doing with Nixon Moreno goes beyond the
limits of being a mean thing. But it gives you a good measure of the moral
fiber of the people of the Venezuelan Government. There are those that slander
Nixon and there are those who are silent, even if they now what a despicable
thing the whole thing is. But the worst one is the maximum leader. The one that
has no qualms in pointing out publicly that Nixon is a “rapist”. It
is the problem of not being named Daniel Ortega. They not only invented an
absurd accusation, about the supposed attempt of rape of a policewoman in the
middle of a student demonstration and with hundreds of witnesses that deny such
a fabrication, but now the Government is denying him safe passage to leave the
Vatican’s Embassy, where he has been under asylum and travel abroad. In other
words, the Government pretends to leave Nixon in jail at the Vatican’s Embassy,
This is the same thing the Dictator Odria did wit Haya de la Torre during five
and a bit years in the Colombian Embassy in Peru and the same as the brutal
military dictatorship of Burma maintains in prison in her house the daring
fighter for human rights that she denounces and fights. It is the same
attitude. It is the same disdain for legality and international agreements. The
same disdain for public opinion. Exactly the same contempt for human beings. We
are living in times of rats.

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