Tidbits from the Chavez revolution in Venezuela

October 1, 2008




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—Hugo Chavez orders one million computers from Portugal. Of
course, these are nothing more than modified Classmate PCs manufactured in Portugal under
license from Intel. The price was not revealed, but I do hope Chavez drove a
hard bargain, those PCs are
in Portugal
(without subsidy) for 285 Euros (US$ 391.6 at todays exchange rate). But you
can find it in Amazon for  US$ 359.1. Of course, I am
assuming there were no robolutionary intermediaries in the transaction.

—And Chavez called the US economic policies a sinking ship, criticizing
the printing of money and the easy mortgages. This from a man that has
increased the money supply in five years from US$ 14 billion to US$ 78 billion
and recently passed a Bill allowing people to get mortgages with no down

—And then Chavez praises
the Caracas Stock Exchange because it is now disconnected from the New York
Stock Exchange. That is like saying the dinosaurs are disconnected from the
Earth. Hugo Chavez and his policies destroyed the Caracas Stock Exchange. When
he got to power in 1998, daily volume in stocks was US$ 10-20 million, it is
down to half a million these days, as the market ahs become simply irrelevant.
Not one company has come public in recent years (5?) as the stock market
becomes an irrelevant business for local brokers.

—And in another
robolutionary tidbit, Podemos Deputy Juan Molina denounced
that Chavista Deputy Hiroshima Bravo collects two salaries every month, one
from the National Assembly ad the other form the tax office. I guess that is
the reason why they named her Head of the Finance Committee last year, she
certainly knows how to count her money.

—And investigations on
the suitcase case Maletagate are very advanced according
to the Prosecutor.
Well, in the US they are already holding a trial
of crimes that took place after the suitcase and here things are very advanced
That is Venezuelan Justice, if it exists.


—Yesterday, I wrote
about the opposition President of the Universidad de Los Andes
Student Council, who asked for asylum at the Vaticans Embassy and his rights
and the laws are not being respected. Today the opposition President of the
student council of Universidad del Zulia was killed by twenty shots from a car that intercepted the
path of the vehicle transporting him. It may be coincidental, but it is
certainly very convenient for the Government!

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