Eduardo and Santos send some nice pictures

October 5, 2008

Eduardo and Santos send their regular contributions. If my memory is right the top two, the two Waleriana´s belong to Eduardo and the remaidner to Santos.

Two spectacular Walkerianas, the one on the left lloks like a coerulea and an alba on the right.


Cattleya Bicolor from Brazil on the left, on the right Encyclia Atrorubens from Mexico


On the left the famous Cattleya Walkeriana White Heritage. On the right Cirropetalum Medusae and a nice specimen at that.


On the left, Cattleya Trianae alba from Colombia. On the right, Dendrobium Infudibilum from Asia.


On the left a primary hybrid of the statrange combination of Cattleya Schilelraiana x Pescatorea Lemmanii, likely to ahve been made by Carlos Garcia Esquivel, sounds like the type of combinations he likes.On the right Lc. China Queen.

A hybrid after my own heart, Cattleya Schilleriana x Cattleya Aclandiae

One Response to “Eduardo and Santos send some nice pictures”

  1. Fernando pillon Says:

    Achei muito bonitas as orquídeas que foram mostradas

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