Miranda Orchid Exhibit 2008

October 5, 2008

The Miranda Orchid Society show was held two weeks ago. I don´t like using flash when I take orchid pictures and I only took my monopod and it was very dark. Most pictures did not come out very well, I salvaged these three:


Top left a Vanda Sanderiana, a species. On the right another Vanda.

A very nice Cattleya Lueddemanianna coerulea from Venezuela

8 Responses to “Miranda Orchid Exhibit 2008”

  1. Monika Tolksdorf Salvatore Says:

    Hola Daveed,
    Botta-bing! You got it. That’s a surprise to hear its in the yam family. I am glad you found the answers; congratulations. Peristence pays!
    Keep up this wonderful work, I love your blogs and everything with it.
    Take care,
    Monika (from chilly Western Canada)

  2. Daveed Says:

    It might be “Tacca chantrieri”, a relative of the yam. Whaddayathink?

  3. Monika Tolksdorf Salvatore Says:

    It probably is the one you supplied the link for. Apparently this particular species ‘Silk Orchid’ is from China and blooms in many different colors, mostly very dark blue to black.
    What made me wonder if is actually an orchid were the leaves’ texture and shape. They appear to be closer to the leaves of some lily species.
    Really interesting. I am going to keep looking for more information and let you know if I find the answers you are looking for.
    All the best, Monika

  4. Is it this one:

    Sidney 2

    I took that at the orchid exhibit at the Sydney Botanical Garden

  5. Daveed Says:

    Thanks for the helpful lead! I’ll let you know if I find anything!

  6. Monika Tolksdorf Salvatore Says:

    Preliminary identification for you on the unidentified orchid; It is called “Silk Orchid” and as far as I am aware, it is indeed an orchid. I will keep asking around for further information and update you.

  7. Daveed Says:

    This was in the orchid section of the Botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro, but an orchid collector tells me this is not even an orchid. Can anyone help me identify it?

  8. Monika Tolksdorf Salvatore Says:

    Dear Miguel: Two things First of all it broke my heart reading that you had left Venezuela. I left in 1962 for many reasons. I still miss Cabimas and Maracaibo. My Papa grew up there; he was Venezuelan. I still have a lot of relatives in Zulia State and we keep in contact. We have experienced a lot of tragety within the family. I so much long for the stories from you, Daniel and my family.
    Secondly, my Papa grew orchids in the garden and inside our home. He had much success with them and I loved them. Now, living in Western Canada, orchid growing is very limited, although I retained much of Papa’s interest in gardening and grow many lilies instead of orchids.
    May you, Miguel, be happy and enjoy the freedom of whatever country you live in now. I pray we will see Chavez’ rule end soon, the sooner, the better.
    I wish you and all Venezuelans inside and outside our beloved country the very best, safety and peace.
    Monika Tolksdorf, with my heart in Venezuela

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