The importance of having “contacts” in Venezuela: Get your Venezuelan passport!

July 29, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)

And how about this website that someone sent to me today where you can see this wonderful ad:


This company has such good contacts, that for the meager sum of 19,000 euros, they can get you not only a Venezuelan passport (hard to get for real Venezuelans), but the Venezuelan nationality, all from the comfort of your own home!

Yes! This contact is so good, you don’t even have to come to Venezuela, speak Spanish or even know where Venezuela is, just go down to your nearest Venezuelan Embassy and the revolutionary contact will make sure your passport is there.

And Israel worries that the Venezuelan Government is giving Venezuelan passports away to the Iranian one, so that its citizens can percolate through Latin America without visa!

That’s why they call it the robolution!

30 Responses to “The importance of having “contacts” in Venezuela: Get your Venezuelan passport!”

  1. hamid Says:

    I am looking for second passport .
    I am Iranian

  2. Ammar Mohammed Says:

    Dear Sir
    I am Algerian citizen and I want second nationally Venezuelan
    need more details .
    Best regards

  3. Salman Says:

    And, it is it true or scam, we are 7 from the Sam family wish to apply

  4. Hamid Bishara Says:

    Still waiting who to pay 19000 euros to get the Venezuelan passport ant certificate of citisenship from Venezuelan embassy? Or we paying OFFICIALLY / LEGALLY someone in the embassy ?

  5. venezuelan passport required Says:

    I want to get the venezuelan passport, can anyone here help me to get more informations and how much it cost and do I need to go there? please contact me to my email :

  6. Thanks for finally writing about >The importance of having contacts in
    Venezuela: Get your Venezuelan passport! | The Devil’s Excrement <Loved it!

  7. I got this web site from my friend who shared with
    me regarding this site and at the moment this time I am browsing
    this web page and reading very informative posts here.

  8. Ahmad Noor Bakhtour Says:

    I am Iranian residence & living in Dubai UAE with my family i would like to apply for Venezuela passport could you please inform me how i can do that

  9. angelo arias Says:

    Como puede conseguir un pasaporte venesolano Estoy en belgica

  10. Hamid Bishara Says:

    The passport & certificate of citizenship tobe handed to me the Venezuelan embassy in Cairo . Payment of 19000 euros could be guaranteed by bank or lawyer .

    • venezuelan passport required Says:

      can you forward me to the person in charge of this please

    • yaya Says:

      The passport & certificate of citizenship tobe handed to me the Venezuelan embassy in Cairo . Payment of 19000 euros could be guaranteed by bank or lawyer .

  11. nabil Says:

    can you please give me more information how can i get the passport


  12. Armand Charles Says:

    plaese call me in this number 509 796-0678
    or leave massege for me in this number 509 722-0025

  13. Armand Charles Says:

    buen anoche y como puedo tener un passaporte venezolano
    yo quiera saver mas que yo nesecitare para tenerlo

  14. Aboubakr Boraie Says:

    Can you please call me about getting a passport and citizenship.

    tel. + 1 905 783 6400

  15. habib m sharif Says:

    please send more information regarding the passport, thanks

  16. Crow Says:

    Israel Foreign Minister says that Chávez is cooperating with radical Islamist movement.

    The Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Liberman, said that President Hugo Chávez is cooperating with Islamist “radical movements” and accused the Venezuelan ruler of anti-Semitism, according to statements published on Thursday in Bogota.

    “I am not going to talk about intelligence information, but we have enough reports to worry about Hugo Chávez’s collaboration with radical Islam movements,” Liberman said to the Colombian daily newspaper El Tiempo, at the end of a trip that included Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia, AFP reported.

    The Israeli Foreign Minister responded to a question about the evidence that Israel would have on the existence of cells of the Shiite movement Hezbollah, backed by Iran, in Venezuela and La Guajira peninsula.

    “Israel had a bad experience when a series of attacks occurred in Buenos Aires (against the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association, AMIA, and its embassy). Today we see the closeness between Chavez and the Iranians, and of course we want to prevent further attacks against Israelis,” he added.

  17. Gerry Says:

    Attorney General (of Venezuela): “The State needs to regulate freedom of expression”
    Luisa Ortega Díaz, Venezuela’s Attorney General, submitted to the plenary of the National Assembly a draft Special Law against Media Crimes, which would punish with imprisonment up to four years whoever breaks the law.

    “It is necessary to legislate on this matter; it is necessary that the Venezuelan State regulates freedom of expression,” she said.

    The senior official added that her proposal is not aimed at violating the freedom of expression since. According to her, such freedom is observed in Venezuela. However, in the context of “our legal instruments, within the framework of the rights of Venezuelan people, everything has a limit. I request the State to put some limits to this right.”

    Ortega Díaz said that some people can commit criminal acts through the mass media and because of these “new forms of crime,” the State has the obligation to prevent these offenses. – El UNIVERSAL

    This needs a Ve., analysis, not just a repetition of the statement.

  18. A.Guinand Says:

    Got this link on twitter regarding the venezuelan passports problem:

  19. Juan Says:

    they forgot the part about Venezuela being the country with the highest kidnapping rate in the Americas….and what is the relationship between Venezuela and this tiny African country???? this site is very fishy

  20. Jerry Says:

    …oh, and unfortunately, ‘currently in the 20th century’ may not be that inaccurate a description.

  21. Roberto Says:

    I like the part about the extra 3 to 10 thousand to be paid to a “detective agency” for “due dilligence”.

    They need a shopping cart added.

    “Click to add to cart”

  22. Jerry Says:

    Wow…I had been quoted various sums between 500 and 5000€ the times I inquired with certain ‘contacts’ (and back when living in Venezuela still seemed more appealing). 20000 is totally out there.

    On the other hand, I had stayed up to 11 months on a tourist visa, i.e. a stamped passport. Nobody ever seems to mind…

  23. GB Says:

    Looking at the website at Dominica info. For some reason they are using the old Venezuelan “coat of arms”. Of course you can donate $100,000 to the Dominican government and get your Dominican passport.

    The last line shows that the Venezuelan info is only a century out of date… “Currently in the 20th century, Venezuela continues to be unique in the speed, pattern and timing of its economic and demographic growth.”

    Boy howdy, you’d have to be a real chump to fall for this scam.

  24. T.I.G.O.T. Says:

    “Is this a real business or an Internet scam?”

    Domain was registered on September 2005 from Seychelles (yeah, that’s the name of an actual country). In the “About Venezuela” page it says: “The lower and middle class in Venezuela have now seen their income grow 60% to 100% over the past nine years due to private employment contributing to a larger part of the labor force in the country.”

    In the “Citizenship Solutions” page it claims their fee is 20,000 euros (no 19,000 as it says on the main page). And it claims a whole bunch of wonderful things you can do with a Venezuelan passport (visa-free travel to England, Spain, Germany, Sweden, etc, and you automatically have the right to reside in Spain). It also says “Our company guarantees Spanish citizenship after acquiring a second passport or citizenship to Venezuela. ”

    So I say it’s a scam.

  25. bruni Says:

    Is this a real business or an Internet scam?

    I have difficulty believing this is true.

  26. Deanna Says:

    Being married to a Venezuelan, with Venezuelan-born children, I can’t even get a “transeunte visa”, not with the consulate in New York nor in Extranjeria in Caracas. Believe me, I’ve tried several times, even bought the stamps, which are no longer any good. The last time (about 2 years ago), Extranjeria told me that they had suspended giving transeunte visas temporarily, but when I asked when they would be processing them again, no one could tell me. Getting Venezuelan papers (visa or passport) is a royal pain in the … So now, I have opted for the maximum 90-day tourist visa everytime I go back to visit family.

  27. […] La importancia de tener “contactos” en Venezuela: Consigue tu pasaporte venezolano! Julio 30, 2009 (This post in English here) […]

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