Two points of view: Facts versus the revolution

July 29, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)

Fact: From Reuters today on why oil prices were down

“Oil dropped nearly 6 percent on Wednesday to near $63 a barrel in the biggest one-day slide since April after data showed a surge in U.S. crude inventories on higher imports and lower refinery activity.”

The revolution, also today in Reuters, on why oil prices will go up by the end of the year:

“We are still influenced by market instability, but that (price) projection is happening, and there will be a gradual recovery of oil,” Ramirez said.
We expect the strong fall in inventories to continue”

There you have it, facts versus ignorance…

3 Responses to “Two points of view: Facts versus the revolution”

  1. Halfempty Says:

    Well to be fair, (just this once) inventories had been declining for the past several weeks.

  2. island canuck Says:

    Don’t you just love the timing.

    And the way they spout these lies with such straight faces.

    What are the true production numbers these days??

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