The curious case of Chavez giving Antigua US$ 50 million in aid

August 16, 2009

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Scrooge McDuck in the money

And I can’t help but be surprised by Chavez’ generosity in giving the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, infamous for hosting Sir Allen Stanford and his Ponzi bank for so  many years, to the detriment of so many middle class Venezuelans. We all know Chavez likes to throw around his influence around, but Antigua getting US$ 50 million is simply too fishy to pass up.

First of all, it seems overly generous. Second, Venezuelans getting ripped off by Stanford was due in large part to the Venezuela’s Government laxity in allowing Stanford International Bank to operate at will in Venezuela.  In fact, it was the Chavez administration that authorized Stanford to acquire a local banking license that allowed its operations to get respectability and grow in Venezuela. Despite this, the Venezuelan Government has not assumed any responsibility in the swindle and there were clearly ties that were simply too close for comfort between Stanford International bank, the local Stanford Bank and the Chavez administration.

But last but not least, there were persistent rumors that the Venezuelan Government sent two jet planes to the island of Antigua as Stanford International Bankwas unraveling. Clearly, there was no hope of recovering the money owned by robolutionaries, but at that early stage, all they wanted, including apparently Chavez’ own brother, was to have their names erased from the database. Reportedly even the man in charge of dirty tricks, General Carvajal went to the small Caribbean island in one of those planes.

So, a few months later Chavez gives Antigua and Barbuda US$ 50 million, more than it has ever given Haiti, a country that truly needs it. Hard to believe there is no connection between “favors” received and this payoff by rich uncle Scrooge Mac Hugo.

27 Responses to “The curious case of Chavez giving Antigua US$ 50 million in aid”

  1. moctavio Says:

    I think it is a valid criticism when the error may be 50% and it does not matter to the argument whether the number is the higher one or the lower one. With 600 billion Chavez should have done so much more and has had so much more than any President in the IVth. Republic. So why exaggerate the number, if you may be taken to task over it?

    It is the same with the number thrown around about Chavez’ “aid” abroad of 55 billion, most of which was promises and never materialized, but Julio Borges reapeats any chance he gets. He should not.

    The all time winner was Chavez convincing everyone in 1998 that poverty in Venezuela was 80%, a number that people (particularly PSF’s )threw around happily without knowing whether it was true or not. In the end it was irrelevant having 30%, 50% or 80% poverty is just as shameful for a country, its people and its leaders.

  2. concerned Says:

    Ignorance is no excuse. These were two new trolls attempting to discredit sources and find the owners of others. A pityful attempt to appease their master.

  3. GWEH Says:

    There is so much knowledge and information that does not reach the news or the blogs. Much more goes on behind the scenes. WTF is the problem with some of you? You really come off as naive about Venezuela.

  4. GWEH Says:

    PS I have never parroted any figures … show some respect and watch what you write. And yes, you are a self-admitted newbie.

    Now lets go to Miguel’s latest translation of Petkoff…. I posted about that one month ago in the comments:

    Or should we get into Bocaranda’s latest about the missing containers and the Sukhois… guess who was the source…..

  5. GWEH Says:

    Impartial, I’m not in this to convince you. I could care less what you or others believe. Take it or leave it and please leave me alone.

  6. Impartial Says:

    wow GWEH, that was very convincing. The sad thing is that you will keep on parroting the 900 million figure, after all, you are the expert, I am the newbie.

    Sorry Miguel for having used your space for this. Sometimes I get fed up with radicals at both end of the spectrum.

  7. GWEH Says:

    RW, yes but we have been doing this too long and really don’t have the time or patience for newbies. The subject matter we deal with is too advanced for most and way over the heads of many.

  8. Kolya Says:

    I don’t know any of the parties involved, but I do know that all too often we unnecessarily weaken a solid argument by adding a gross exaggeration. Then the other side can gleefully pick it up and show it as proof of our intellectual dishonesty. Simple unvarnished facts are enough.

    That’s why Albert Camus, not a stranger to either danger or polemics, said, “Lying is not only saying what isn’t true. It is also, in fact especially, saying more than is true.”

  9. concerned Says:

    And your name is really Richard Whitley???

  10. Richard Whitley Says:

    From what I have read, CG (and GWEH) have some very interesting things to say. They probably also have the substance and sources to back up their comments (notwithstanding the particular CG example above). To maintain anonymity is understandable. However I do see a problem when people comment anonymously but still expect the deference that their real identities might justify.

  11. concerned Says:

    The point of this post was another 50 million flew the coup to satisfy or pacify someone’s special interests while Venezuelans do without. This was not a location to launch a personal attack on another blog site. You will never know exactly how much has been squandered during the last ten years and it doesn’t matter if it is 50 million or 1 trillion. It is Venezuela’s resources that were forever lost with worse than nothing to show for it. Most Venezuelans would settle for just being where they were ten years ago instead of where they are today. Revolution my ass. Pure criminal.

  12. roy Says:

    Adolf Hitler regarded economic issues as relatively unimportant. In 1922, Hitler proclaimed that “world history teaches us that no people has become great through its economy but that a people can very well perish thereby”, and later concluded that “the economy is something of secondary importance”.

  13. Roger Says:

    My son in law is from Antigua. Chances of average Antiguans getting much of that 600USD are about the same as for average Venezuelans getting a dividends check from PDVSA! My take on this: Some of these transactions involve funds that can not be documented and as such could be part of a trail of evidence. My guess: The information has already been passed on (sold?) and this payment will only be additional income.

  14. Impartial Says:

    A lie is a lie, regardless of where it is coming from. I have no hidden agenda, and if so, I would use it in a Spanish-speaking blog or forum, not in a forum that only a limited number of people read.
    Unfortunately your reaction is typical of both end of the spectrum, that is, if you find fault with one of ours, then you are against us. Well, sorry, but that is not right.
    I don’t know CG, I do not doubt about his professional qualifications. But, if somebody gives me a number way off the mark, I have no choice but to doubt about all the other numbers he gives (and yes, he deleted my comments twice).
    You want examples: 1 trillion dollars was not the revenues Venezuela received. I am with Miguel in that 600 million is plenty to have done way more than what they did.
    Who told you I am not pissed off with the regime’s lies? Has it ever crossed your mind that both sides of the isle lie? Can I be pissed off at both? Or do you believe that we are good and they are bad? Come on, GWEH, think with your head, not your heart.

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  16. GWEH Says:

    Impartial, to take CG to task over gross petroleum revenues and then use harsh language to discredit him raises question in itself such as your purpose and motives.

    CG is a thorn for the regime and if you want to accuse him of lying and then discredit his blog so be it. You say he deletes your comments … if this is true then I have my doubts about you because CG (unlike you?) is a professional with no patience for newbies, shills, agents, idiots and the disinformed/misinformed.

    You should be more pissed off with the regime that lies about everything in public and in private. You seem to be holding the opposition to very high albeit impossible standards with their fact-checking and then you go into a general disqualification of the opposition over this.

    If you are going to come here with those comments I suggest you come prepared with concise examples and verifiiable facts. Set the example and quit bitching.

  17. Impartial Says:

    Thanks Miguel, you confirm the figures I have. CG usually comments on your blog and has an interesting blog himself, but after looking at this blatant exaggeration (aka lie) I put everything he says in perspective.

    What pisses me off about some (most) in the opposition is how they take a number and run with it (if it fits their agenda) without even questioning it. It won’t take more than 2 minutes to figure out that 900 million is way too much, but there they are, giving that figure in every forum. I know, Chavistas do just the same, so the onus is on the opposition to fight lies with facts. And, unfortunately, for the most part they fail to do so.

  18. Williams Says:

    $600 per capita? Wow… We (venezuelan) can only beg $400 at most to CADIVI.

  19. Impartial Says:

    For some reason Caracas Gringo deletes my comment on his blog. I am trying to get a bonafide source that shows that Venezuela received 1 trillion dollars over the past 10 years (he makes this assertion on one of his lasts entries). This figure (actually 900 billion is the one I hear the most) is thrown around every time they talk about how bad the revolution has done in comparison to the resources it has had at its disposal.
    I ran a few numbers and I suspect that the actual figure, albeit very high, is not nearly the 900 billion most opposition people claim.
    Thank you.

  20. NI Says:

    I`m sorry being off-topic, but this is important. Take a look to the first edition of “Correo del Orinoco” ( ) and then to the aggression pictures in In Noticiero Digital they identified one subject as aggressor, but there are at least two, the two “clowns” (see pictures 5 and 7 in cadena global).

  21. caribchakita Says:

    The island of Antigua continues to prostitute itself haphazardly..this is a consistent theme …

  22. concerned Says:

    You don’t borrow money to pay the rent and then throw it around like a rock star. There are mouths to feed at home if he gave a damn. He is just covering asses as you said “hush money”.

  23. I agree that it seems too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. Really looks like hush money. Merits some further investigation.

  24. Arator Says:

    I would not care about the amount but the purpose…

    What is the ultimate purpose of that sum? Via whom is he trying to achieve his goal? Is it what you mention above, erase their names? I bet they could have accomplished that for a lot less…

  25. Floyd Looney Says:

    $600 per capita is a big amount for that small country

  26. Alex Dalmady Says:

    Antigua & Barbuda is a “country” of about 85.000.
    The aid package is about $600 per capita, the equivalent of $16 billion for Venezuela.

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