The philosophy that they want to use to take Venezuela back into the XIXth. Century

August 16, 2009

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hsc0519lThere is an interview today in El Nacional page A-5 (by subscripition only) with Maria de Queipo, President of the Education Committee of the Venezuelan National Assembly. There isn’t much to the interview, except for the usual Chavista slogans and platitudes. But there was one phrase that struck me, why the educational sector does not know about education and the law has the communal councils run things:

“Popular wisdom outstrips academic knowledge”

That’s it! It is knowledge that seems to be being accused of being responsible for the ills of the people, it is knowledge that has not been able to solve the problems of the people. Thus, we are going to try using popular wisdom to do it.

A philosophy that will take Venezuela back to the XIXth. Century if we let them. In the era of knowledge and technology, Chavismo wants popular wisdom to rule education and in the end, Venezuela. Funny, Chavismo has been in power for ten years and little has been accomplished, but they fail to notice this, this ignorance will take Venezuela into the dark ages.

Scary, no?

22 Responses to “The philosophy that they want to use to take Venezuela back into the XIXth. Century”

  1. Guido Says:

    Thanks for the links, Boludo.

    BTW, I assume you know about the Sokal Affair, another blow to the politically correct point of view, prevailing in much of the academic left (and part of the worldview of countless PSFs). Funny stuff, if you ask me, the way they got pwnd.

  2. Boludo Tejano Says:

    Guido, I do not know what happened with the “minding the campus” link. I should have tested it once I posted, also. That shows why one should always preview comments on a site that has preview capability for comments. One can Google “minding the campus” without the quotes to arrive at the website.

    I have my snapshots of Venezuela. You have your snapshots of the US. You could go on for hundreds of pages about Venezuela. I could go on for hundreds of pages about the US. Our perspectives are different. I will leave it at that.

  3. Guido Says:


    Sorry. It seems I did not explained myself as I should have.

    I saw one of the links you pasted, the other does not work for me. And it is not a pleasant read, and yes political correctness is abominable. But my point is that this attitude of downplaying experts, refusing to listen to them and think that being an expert is somewhat wrong, and simple “humble” folks are right is much more prevalent among Republicans/Conservative. I might be wrong, I agree, but your links prove that there is a political agenda among some liberals, but I fail to see any hint of this attitude.

    I was in the US for almost 6 months (what my visa allowed me) last year. I went to several places, from Ultra Liberal San Francisco, where I saw people smoking marihuana in the streets at night, openly, where I saw men kissing each other and holding hands, to rural Louisiana, where I saw lots of men dressed in camouflage outfits and bright orange caps and hats, for hunting session (Near Marksville, if you are curious, beyond Baton Rouge). I went to a restaurant in Texas, on route to Houston, where the waitress said “Howdy” and that was all that I understood, her Texan accent was so thick that my friend had to translate for me.

    I was there when Sarah Palin was chosen as VP candidate and I saw their absolutely stupid campaign about “Middle America” and despising liberal elites and whatsoever (And brining the dimwit Joe the Plumber). It reeked to this attitude of dismissing the advice of experts (As Bush did time after time and as the Republican controlled Congress did in 1994) and complaining about elitism. I saw a lot of this crap in Louisiana, even if I was in mostly in New Orleans. I remember somebody shouting, rather excited that nobody wasn’t smarter than him and that he knew better than those experts. I saw similar stuff several times. My point is not that Democrats/Liberals do not commit mistakes, but that I have not found this attitude among their rhetoric, ideology and supporters so frequently. How is this stupid attitude different from De Queipo’s words? To me, it is exactly the same. And another proof that this military regime is reactionary to the core, as good authoritarians are.

  4. Boludo Tejano Says:

    firepigette/coche de fuego: Guido is NOT a PSF, but a biologist in Venezuela, and decidedly NOT a Thugo fan. Though I do agree with you that from Venezuela he may have some difficulty in putting events in the US in perspective. Viewing the US can be like the three blind men examining the elephant.

    Guido: I am the offspring of biologists with three graduate level degrees between them. My father had an international reputation in his field. By default I am not a fan of the creationists. I recall my father telling me about his oral prelims, where he was asked to speak on theories of evolution. He went on to give his discourse. At the end, his professor informed him that he had neglected one theory. “What one would that be?” my father inquired. “The biblical theory,” his professor replied. Needless to say, my father passed his prelims.

    I do not pay attention these days to what the clowns at the TX State Board of Education say. You are most likely better informed than me on the current brouhaha. My take on decades, yea over a century, of this conflict, is that ultimately the anti-evolutionist clowns are exposed for what they are. I am not particularly worried about the clowns on the SBOE. What they might do, doesn’t worry me, because in 150 years of the conflict, the anti-evolutionists have lost and lost and lost. Perhaps I am overly complacent, but that is my view.

    Contrasted with what the clowns on the SBOE might do is the harm that the fools in the Ed Schools and various politically correct liberals have done to education in the US in the last decades. All of my elder relatives with a degee taught at one time or another. NONE of my relatives do today. A cousin’s son quit teaching after three years. Teaching today is too much of a hassle, which is to a big degree due to the politically correct nonsense that liberals have imposed on the schools.

    This is all I am saying on the matter. I have no interest in a debate on evolution in the schools et al.

    Guido: from your reply I get the impression that you didn’t read much of the links I gave you, because there wasn’t much discussion of organic food et al on them.

  5. firepigette Says:

    Boludo Tejano,

    why bother…it would take light years to explain things to psf’s.

    We Venezuelans rightly get frustrated with those who think they know Venezuela better than we do, and we Americans rightly get frustrated with psf’s for USA.

    There is so much to fill these guys in on, that it is a waste of time.

    Anyone who would think that viciousness owns a political party, is too young or too isolated to be opining.

  6. Boludo:
    I think that is stupid, but it is far from opposing and dismissing experts the way it’s happening in Texas Educational Board. Liberals can push for crackpot theories, and please, don’t make me start on the stupid fixation of liberals on organic stuff and hating GM products. But something as vicious as the Texas thing, I have no words for that.

  7. Boludo Tejano Says:

    Excuse me: that should be “Politically correct education.”

  8. Boludo Tejano Says:

    Guido David Núñez-Mujica:
    Please, give me a link to an example where American liberals are messing with education the same way than in Texas Education Board

    ”Policically correct education.”

    Minding the campus website
    These are mostly for university level education, but similar stories can be found for primary and secondary education. Ex: the “whole language” approach to teaching students to read, as opposed to phonics. Hint: it wasn’t conservatives who pushed whole language.

    Google Lawrence Summers’s experience as President of Harvard.

  9. And I am not equating Chávez, btw, I am singling this comment by this Maria person.

  10. Please, give me a link to an example where American liberals are messing with education the same way than in Texas Education Board.

    Please, give me a link of Dennis Kucinich doing the same kind of affirmation of Sarah Palin about how research is unnecessary.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. firepigette Says:

    Your one sided argument shows me you did not get the gist of what I said.I will make it simple for you:

    1.Both parties run on automatic .Defending the ‘average’ American and making fashion statements in this case are on the same level of mindless thought

    2.attachment to automatic thoughts is more damaging that the actual thoughts themselves, because attachment does not allow us to see what is in front of our faces. it only allows us to see our common bias, or the automatic ideas that naturally come up

    3. defending the average American and/ or identifying oneself as part of the elite or illuminated are just the flip side of the same’ biased coin’.Neither form a part of free thought

    4.Both sides are manipulations to win votes from the mindless masses

    5. both use the same technique as Chavez

    6. Chavez uses this technique to a DEGREE that is exaggerated :to equate the GOP or the Liberal Dems with him would be to make the grave mistake of:

    COLLAPSING Hierarchies


  12. Excuse me, firepiggette, but indeed American conservatives love to portray themselves as defenders of rthe average American while dismissing knowledge and experts. Please, take a look at Texas Educational Board affairs and tell me with a straight face that it isn’t so. Or just google “Sarah Palin fruit flies France”

  13. firepigette Says:


    “isn’t this exactly the kind of shit that American liberals hate when it comes from the GOP? All that berating about elitism and praising of Joe Six Pack and Mary Apple Pie, those humble, folksy fellas who know better than the arugula eating, volvo driving bleeding heart liburals”

    No. It isn’t.When Liberals complain, they are making silly fashion statements and manipulating the far left..When the GOP advertises, they are looking for votes from the fanatical branch of their party as well.

    What is happening in Venezuela is that evolution is being attacked on most levels.You cannot separate evolution from true intelligence which would include popular wisdom, academics,technological advance, artistic development, and all areas that pertain to understanding- but what Chavez calls wisdom is nothing more than the lowest common denominator of the least wise, and and adherence to a ONE sided development .

    We advance when we work on all areas of our brains at once, and at the same time are not “slaves” to an automatic process- and that would include any aspect of our understanding, from pop wisdom to academics, to common sense.Slavery to our own thought processes is the culprit here, not the thoughts themselves.

    Fashion statements like those you present above, are hardly a part of a learning process.Nor are the appeals to tradition.

    What I do see in common however, and in this sense you are correct, is the appeal to voters through manipulation, yet by sheer weight Chavez exaggerates this to the nth degree.

    Don’t collapse hierarchy here.

  14. moctavio Says:

    Maria it is, thanks..

  15. BTW, isn’t this exactly the kind of shit that American liberals hate when it comes from the GOP? All that berating about elitism and praising of Joe Six Pack and Mary Apple Pie, those humble, folksy fellas who know better than the arugula eating, volvo driving bleeding heart liburals?

  16. Miguel, a typo:
    It’s “María de Queipo”, not Matia.

    This is sickening.

  17. Floyd Looney Says:

    “Popular wisdom” being whatever El Presidente says it is

  18. moctavio Says:

    Caldera liked that one…Enough said!

  19. J— Says:

    “Popular wisdom outstrips academic knowledge”

    Along similar lines and more broadly, “el pueblo siempre tiene razón” or “el pueblo nunca se equivoca.” Except, of course, when el pueblo elects the wrong candidate.

  20. Robert Says:

    Well what I mean is Cubazuela; Cuba style indoctrination in the schools. What a shame.

    Hopefully the universities will step up as they did in the RCTV closing, even though that seems today like it was a futile effort.

  21. Deanna Says:

    What do you means backwards to 1960 Cuba? You mean the Middle Ages, don’t you? Although the Middle Ages was probably more progressive; at least it nurtured the ideas that blossomed in the Renaissance!!!

  22. Robert Says:

    Nothing new here. Venezuelan government has been going backwards for at least 10 years and would roll the clock back to 1960 Cuba if allowed.

    The statement to turn education over to the wisdom of the masses is preposterous and only more of the same bullshit. “Let the people decide” is only a political platitude.

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