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Hugo: How insensitive can you be? Ramiro Valdes is a murderer

February 3, 2010

(In Spanish here)

When the President of a country calls some of his citizens “stupid” because he brought as his adviser on electric matters, Ramiro Valdes, a man with no experience in the electric sector, but full of experience in repressing, killing and torturing as the Minister of the Interior of Cuba for many years.

Despised by his son and brother, Valdes is a true “esbirro” (the man who carries out executions) of the Cuban revolution, yesterday in charge of murder and torture, toady in charge of Internet censorship.

And Hugo wants to defend him and we are supposed to be the stupid ones.

Because it is Hugo Chavez who is stupid, accepting the advise of a a man who knows nothing about electric power problems, while he neglects those professionals in Venezuela who know the Venezuelan network and its problems inside out, while the previous advise of the Cubans on electric power matters has been an unmitigated disaster. It was Cubans who advised Chavez on a distributed system without interconnection which ha yielded power plants that are working at a fraction of their potential because they have nobody to deliver the power to.

And since Chavez brings up the fact that the Brazilians are also advising the country, maybe he could explain to us how Lula’s adviser and buddy Marco Aurelio Garcia, has said exactly the same thing the “stupid” opposition says, that the problem in Venezuela is not El NiƱo, but in Garcia’s words: “The Venezuelan system is a bit deteriorated”, which has nothing to do with weather, but with the well known incompetence and neglect of the Bolivarian revolution.

The revolution was supposed to be about progress and sovereignty, by bringing Valdes, Chavez is admitting his incompetence and his willingness to hand over to the bloody hands of a foreign country and dictatorship, the control of key areas in Venezuela’s life. From health, to electric power to identification to security, Cubans are more entrenched into our country’s power structure.

Some revolution!

A happy moment to be enjoyed and relished

February 3, 2010

With so many negative things happening in Venezuela, it is appropriate to stop, sit down and smile and enjoy the moment. German Garcia, who was kidnapped on February 25th. 2009, was liberated today by his captors, whomever they may be.

I know German, but I don’t know German, I probably know more about him through various family members that know him better than I do. And they all have always told me the same thing, the same impression I have always had, German is the veritable and certifiable nice guy, low key, hard working and responsible who lost almost twelve months of his life just because…

And those of us who wondered and worried where he was, are all as pleased and happy as could be that he is back, for him, for his family and for all decent Venezuelans that have to endure this irresponsible Government, who has allowed crime and kidnapping to thrive by its negligence.

To German, that he may return soon to the routine of his job and his family and his leadership at Fe y Alegria and all of those little details of life that I am sure he missed during his ordeal. Cheers!