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You know Venezuela is screwed up when even the Presidental Palace has blackouts during a Chavez speech

February 26, 2010

Of course, according to Chavez there was no blackout. Yeah! sure, and the sky is not blue and crime has not soared in Venezuela.

Homicides in Venezuela: Eleven years of neglect and incompetence

February 26, 2010

This picture almost needs no explanation. The red line is the number of homicides in Venezuela each year since 1998, the year Chavez became President. The data was compiled from official statistics by the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence. The blue line is the number of detentions associated with homicides. As you can see in 1998, the year Chavez was elected, there were more than one person on average detained for each homicide. In 2009 that number was barely 1,491 for 16,047 homicides, about 9%.

The people’s Ombudsman Gabriela Ramirez said she would not recognize the CIDH report because it failed to note the decrease in extra-judicial homicides (included in the numbers above). Is this lady really proud of the above record of neglect and incompetence? Does she really care for the inhabitants of Venezuela? Can’t she see something is truly wrong with the above graph?

This is another farce of the revolution.