Homicides in Venezuela: Eleven years of neglect and incompetence

February 26, 2010

This picture almost needs no explanation. The red line is the number of homicides in Venezuela each year since 1998, the year Chavez became President. The data was compiled from official statistics by the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence. The blue line is the number of detentions associated with homicides. As you can see in 1998, the year Chavez was elected, there were more than one person on average detained for each homicide. In 2009 that number was barely 1,491 for 16,047 homicides, about 9%.

The people’s Ombudsman Gabriela Ramirez said she would not recognize the CIDH report because it failed to note the decrease in extra-judicial homicides (included in the numbers above). Is this lady really proud of the above record of neglect and incompetence? Does she really care for the inhabitants of Venezuela? Can’t she see something is truly wrong with the above graph?

This is another farce of the revolution.

12 Responses to “Homicides in Venezuela: Eleven years of neglect and incompetence”

  1. loroferoz Says:

    Well, this cannot be spun…

    …except by the likes of Arturo. What kind of intellectual dishonesty, or hard drugs, or schizophrenia you need to spin this!

    It’s not the OAS and the CIDH. Their report just reflects

    R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. Acquaint yourself with it for a change.

    On the street. Staring at you, personally! if you live in Venezuela. Not on the newspapers. Not Globovision. Not Ultimas Noticias. YOU SEE IT.

    Just two days ago I saw a dead man (shot) in a lonely road I take every day. Yes, the police were there lifting the body. More real than that, impossible.

    If there is an obligation that the government has, is preventing people getting killed on the street. Even if you don’d believe in the rest of them human rights, people have to be alive to be part of society.

    It’s NOT building Socialism. It’s NOT spreading the revolution or propping up other governments. It’s NOT propaganda. It’s keeping people alive for a starter.

  2. George Says:

    This is a discussion that I see over and over in blogs where Chavistas want to participate. Government’s have a higher responsibility. They are responsible for human rights and the right to life is the most basic of those rights. If homicides have gone up by a factor of four, it is quite obvious that it is the Government’s fault, the growth in population or arm bearing population is a fraction of that. But on top of it, the fact that detentions went from over 100% of the number of people killed to 8%, demonstrates that the Government is not preventing crime at all. This is the Government’s fault and responsibility and almost as if they allowed the killing to take place. Think how insensitive this graph is, there are 122 people killed so far in Chile, This graph says this is like three days of Venezuelan homicides. The whole world is watching Chile, but barely looking at this folly called the Bolivarian revolution.

  3. antonio Says:

    “As far as the homicide chart goes – very, very bad but the government is not killing those people”

    False, the Government of Venezuelan as State representative by have to ensure the right of the live, by de Constitution. So is at lease in part responsible of the killing.

    Arturo, as usual you all lie.

    Go to get paid by the Ministerio of Communication or your party PSUV, by your participation in these blog. That’s why you get angry when Octavio erase your comments, maybe you loose the way to proof your participation in this blog ad they pay you little less.

    They pay you by the number of comments.

  4. deananash Says:

    Miguel is spot on, Arturo. NO ONE will read your nonsense, so you choose to come here to spout your absurdities.

    However, I do agree with you on one point, when you write “You guys fail to understand that this sort of propaganda will get you nowhere. You have more than 10 years of proof on this point and you continue.”

    The opposition will never get anywhere based on the facts – or, as you like to call them, propaganda. What need do Chavez et al have for facts? “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.”

    There’s a new movie coming out next week, Chavez in Wonderland.

  5. moctavio Says:

    Arturo, I will not allow the comments to be your personal chat. I just erased that comment, you want “personal” discussions, start your own blog, you come here because nobody would read your stupidities. Try it! Maybe other empty minded Chavistas will go talk to you.

  6. moctavio Says:

    Rather than being off topic prove what the CIDH said is false. Yeah, the “inhabilitaciones” never occurred. sure. The Judicial system is not a mess, sure. TROLL TROLL TROLL

    Arturo your are stupid as can be. I am being violent with my language? How about Hugo? The most violent and discriminatory language.

    I have told you many times; I DONT WANT YOU AND YOUR STUPIDITIES HERE

  7. Arturo Says:

    Just look at Octavio’s language. It is violent and overreaction to a point of view he disagrees with. Thius shoes was a low tolerance threshold he has and how pathetic his level of intelligence is.

    The Report is a joke and no one will take action on it – since most of it is propaganda by the opposition as proven by the sources.

    None of the information provided by opposition media sources would be admissible in a court of law whether it were in the US or North Korea.

    You guys fail to understand that this sort of propaganda will get you nowhere. You have more than 10 years of proof on this point and you continue. Hahaha….

    Octavio instead of resorting to your usual lying show me a document where OAS CIDH led by Cantón condemned the coup – which you supported by the way as you support any atropellos against the poor in Venezuela. You have no conscience.

  8. HalfEmpty Says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Also: LOL Arturito

  9. keplerito Says:


    The speed at which you have been able to absorb and repeat the government line is a great proof of the conditioning quality that chavismo brain washing has reached.

    You are an idiot— not an ad hominem, just a observation of the obvious as per your argument.

  10. Arturo's not-retarded twin Says:

    Arturo: “The CIDH report is a JOKE. 85% of the sources are from sites like this one, Globo, RCTV, Cofavic, Provea, Sinergia, El Nacional, El Universal, YouTube (!!!) and so on.”
    95% of what is described on the CIDH report happened live on VTV and it was lauded at the time by the brainless chavistas. Most of the other 5% refers to articles of the constitution (and specially the changes made recently) which are readily available for anyone to read, so trying to shoot the messenger is rather stupid either way.
    Are you going to claim that the inhabilitaciones were an invention of Globo? Are you going to claim that stripping Ledezma and all opposition governors of most (or all) of their powers was something that only appeared on youtube? Are you going to claim that the “rojo, rojito” speech was a CIA creation and not, say, something that Chavez wholeheartedly endorsed and adopted as his motto? Did we imagine the supreme court judges chanting “uh, ah, Chavez no se va”? Did we imagine seeing every single government office and website with electoral propaganda? Was the closing of RCTV and that whole bunch of radio station something that only Provea claims happened without providing any evidence for it?

    Seriously, how retarded are yoDo you have problems performing simple mathematical operations? Can you add 2+2 without a calculator? Or even with one? Do you have problems remembering whether it is your hat or your pants that you’re supposed to put on your head? Do you sometimes forget to breathe and need to be reminded to do so?

  11. deananash Says:

    Arturo, governments can’t produce wealth – that’s only done through increased production. However governments can and should protect their citizenry.

    To so casually dismiss the deaths is to reveal the true face of the “revolution”. It’s never been about “the people” – their dropping like flies – it’s always been about power.

    There’s a reason that the three strikes campaign struck a chord, and it wasn’t because crime isn’t a problem in Venezuela.

    If the President sea varón, he would do more than just acknowledge the problem – or worse, blame it on the opposition. He’d take concrete action to solve it.

  12. Arturo Says:

    Being “proud” of the number of homicides and not recognizing the OAS CIDH report are two different matters. Why do you mix them together or are you just being remiss in your logical thought processes? SHE IS SUPPOSED TO DEFEND THE PEOPLE YOU MORONONIC TROLL< SHE DOES NOT CARE IF THEY GET KILLED

    The CIDH report is a JOKE. 85% of the sources are from sites like this one, Globo, RCTV, Cofavic, Provea, Sinergia, El Nacional, El Universal, YouTube (!!!) and so on. No it is not, they are the truth, the Comptrolerr is as bad as you


    No serious person is going to swallow this BS. The President of the Commision is Venezuelan and pro-Chavez you moron. In addition, Santiago Cantón has still to explain why the OAS CIDH did not condemn the Caracazo or the coup in 2002. Until that happens and Cantón is out, the Venezuelan government will never recognize the OAS CIDH. Not even the US is signed up to the Intermaerican Human Rights Commission. In fact only 10 out of the 34 nation organization of the OAS have signed up to the Commission.


    BTW how about crying for those killed in the ’92 coup by Chavez?

    Venezuela will withdraw from the OAS over the next year and concentrate on the new CELAC organization.

    So Octavio, I suggest you do not put your eggs in the OAS CIDH basket since it has no credibility due to the sources quoted at the end of the document. I dont put eggs in anyones basket you do., Chavez destroys and destroys and Arturo the FOCA applauds

    As far as the homicide chart goes – very, very bad but the government is not killing these people but I giess you will say that it is somehow respobible in your inimitable escuálido way. Yes, the Government is not Governing, it is a disgrace that you defend it, TROLL TROLL TROLL YOU HAVE NO MORALS OR ETHICSFANTIC TROLL

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