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The “loving” President and oligarch shows his total disdain for the people wasting electricity #taponchao

February 11, 2010

Hugo looking as bright as he is

Esteban on the base paths

Esteban Batting

Like a good oligarch, Hugo Chavez wasted electricity tonight showing again his complete disdain for the people he claims to love. While all Venezuelans have to undergo rationing daily and are forced to reduce their usage of electricity, Hugo decided to have fun tonight, turning all the lights on at the Fuerte Tiuna stadium and broadcasting on VTV how he played with his Ministers and some Major League players. Egomaniac, oligarch and total scorn and disrespect for the people of Venezuela. It never even occurred to him he could do it during the day.

How insensitive can he be?

(thanks @humbertolozada for pictures)