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Venezuela under Chavez: Democracy (?), Long Term Planning and Decision Making by Whim

February 8, 2010

Hugo Chavez confiscating buildings by whim yesterday at Plaza Bolivar in downtown Caracas (He says expropriate them, but people don’t get paid for it as the word requires)


Chavez: And this building?

JR: This buildingĀ  private businesses, jewelry stores

Chavez Expropriate it!

Chavez: And that building there?

JR: Those have stores

Chavez: Jacqueline told me that in that little house over there lived Simon Bolivar when he was recently married and now its some storefronts. Expropriate it!

Chavez And this building over here?

JR: It has storefronts owned by the private sector.

Chavez: Expropriate it!

Chavez: We have to convert this into a great historic project, we have to retake a historical and architectural project. (Read there is no project I just had this whim. But people were forced to move out today!)

Thus, Chavez continues to run Venezuela as his personal fiefdom or hacienda. Not happy with the many hours he spends on radio and TV, he started a new radio program today called : “De Repente con Chavez” (Suddenly with Chavez, the word says it all,short term just like his Government).

And his request to approve a law to “sanction” those Deputies that are elected under a slate and then jump sides, will receive immediate attention from his servile Deputies in another proof that this is very far from being a democracy. I guess “jump sides” will be defined as not voting how Chavez wants it!

Oh yeah! He also decreed an electrical emergency and created an Electrical Chiefs of Staff, which includes all of the busy Ministers who have screwed up the economy, the oil sector and the Guayana companies, but none of which has a clue about the problems of the electric sector (or the time to really work on this, with so many other problems in their hands)

In a couple of months, he will then appoint an Electric Czar or something like that.