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Nothing to celebrate as Venezuela falls apart and Hugo celebrates with more lies and repression

February 4, 2010

Hugo Chavez was supposedly celebrating today, he held a march in his support, which was quite small given that even scientific institutions gave their workers a free day so that they could go:

But in reality, there was nothing to celebrate after 17 years of the bloody coup which killed so many innocent people and where Chavez led buses of soldiers under false pretenses to start his individual quest for dictatorial powers. Funny, when the dead are remembered the over 200 Venezuelans of the 1992 coups, the last true coups in Venezuela’s history, led by Hugo Chavez are easily swept under the rug:

(More than 100 dead in frustrated coup, Feb 1992)

and to celebrate, the students were not allowed to march. According to Jorge Rodriguez they did not file a formal request to do so. Funny, then how come the Urban Control Office of the Caracas Mayor’s office officially denied this “informal” reqest to march. The truth is that pro-Chavez’ marches are always approved even if nobody knows if they ever filed. This is not the first time this has happened. The Chavez repressive Dictatorship lives on. For decent Venezuelans today was a day of mourning, for Chavez it was a day of joy.

Which goes to show he only cares about Hugo Chavez and not the “people”, nor the almost 200 dead in the 1992 coups, the 24 dead in the 2002 march, nor the 120,000 homicides in his 11 years in office.

Only Chavez matters to Hugo Chavez.