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Silly things I heard recently that matter to Venezuela

February 15, 2010

(Eleven years screwing it up)

–Colombia offers to sell electricty to Venezuela

I guess El NiƱo only goes up to the border between the two countries.

–There are 60,000 Cubans helping Venezuela out from Ramirito Valdes down.

Whatever happened to sovereignty? Wasn’t the robolution about that?

–Ecoanalitica says the purchasing power of salaries will drop 12% in 2010 after dropping 6.2% in 2009

Imagine those that don’t have salaries!

–And to the consternation of Chavista fanatics, their idol Minister of Commerce Eduardo Saman was removed from his position.

It is not known if this was because Chavez read my blog and realized that Saman never worked at the Arepera Socialista , as promised, or that after all of the noise with Zuluaga’s Toyotas, a case could not be built on any violations. Of course, he may have been caught stealing, but we never know about those.

–Edelca workers prayed for rain and for the Guri dam.

It’s a test of faith and wills, you know what the opposition has been praying for years. So far, neither has results.

–28 airplanes used for drug smuggling were “found” in San Juan de Los Morros in a hangar.

That is why we feel protected, when such stealth and small objects used in drug trafficking are found by the authorities.