Venezuela under Chavez: Democracy (?), Long Term Planning and Decision Making by Whim

February 8, 2010

Hugo Chavez confiscating buildings by whim yesterday at Plaza Bolivar in downtown Caracas (He says expropriate them, but people don’t get paid for it as the word requires)


Chavez: And this building?

JR: This building  private businesses, jewelry stores

Chavez Expropriate it!

Chavez: And that building there?

JR: Those have stores

Chavez: Jacqueline told me that in that little house over there lived Simon Bolivar when he was recently married and now its some storefronts. Expropriate it!

Chavez And this building over here?

JR: It has storefronts owned by the private sector.

Chavez: Expropriate it!

Chavez: We have to convert this into a great historic project, we have to retake a historical and architectural project. (Read there is no project I just had this whim. But people were forced to move out today!)

Thus, Chavez continues to run Venezuela as his personal fiefdom or hacienda. Not happy with the many hours he spends on radio and TV, he started a new radio program today called : “De Repente con Chavez” (Suddenly with Chavez, the word says it all,short term just like his Government).

And his request to approve a law to “sanction” those Deputies that are elected under a slate and then jump sides, will receive immediate attention from his servile Deputies in another proof that this is very far from being a democracy. I guess “jump sides” will be defined as not voting how Chavez wants it!

Oh yeah! He also decreed an electrical emergency and created an Electrical Chiefs of Staff, which includes all of the busy Ministers who have screwed up the economy, the oil sector and the Guayana companies, but none of which has a clue about the problems of the electric sector (or the time to really work on this, with so many other problems in their hands)

In a couple of months, he will then appoint an Electric Czar or something like that.

28 Responses to “Venezuela under Chavez: Democracy (?), Long Term Planning and Decision Making by Whim”

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  2. Juancho Says:

    I’ve read Arturo’s posts on this and other sites and wonder what it is about Hugo C you are defending, in terms of what El Presidente is presently doing or has done. Are you, Arturo, suggesting the water and power issue, the financial debacles in the banking system, the runaway crime, the (fill in the blank) are all bright spots in the Bolivarian Dream?

    If this is the case, Arturo, I have some real estate for you on Mars. Goes cheap, too.

    My sense of this hombre and others talking similar smack is that at bottom, this is a social issue, and the “social arrogance” Arturo mentioned is such an article of shame, that the humiliation and odio runs so deep in the poor and underclass that there is a huge percent of the population that almost welcomes the coming meltdown so long as Los Ricos go down the drain in the process.

    Que lastima . . .



  3. dino Says:

    nice titas on the cow faced socialist with the pink top that mopes around behind the lard assed chavez

    chavez is popping buttons with his gut and the slut is popping everyones eyes with them large reproductive organs

    she can feed the army with just one of them “jugs”

    with the look at her face, who cares about electric shortages, if my car battery goes dead in my ’63 chevy impala, this pink shirted, cow faced , socialist…….she can suck start the engine from the exhaust pipe!!

    i am sure Hugo , breaks em in good

    roslyn, NY

  4. Bill Simpson of Slidell USA Says:

    This reminded me of a documentary that I saw a few years ago about Nicolae Ceausescu, the former communist ruler of Romania. He used to drive around Bucharest and decide where he wanted to build something new. He would walk around a site and wave his arm. Bulldozers would begin to level the area within hours. It was so absurd, I just burst out laughing while watching the film of buildings being demolished. I’m not talking about slums. The bulldozers were leveling nice historic buildings. Ceausescu just didn’t like them. When communism fell, the people shot him and his wife.

  5. Paul Says:

    And look at the fat trained monkeys in the background clapping and smiling while this meglomaniac steals more property..what idiots!Sure hope the opposition can come up with a viable candidate. How can educated Venezuelans take much more of this moron destoying the country and their lives?

  6. anon Says:

    Arturo, I don’t think you would play the “superiority” or “racism” cards if you were capable of wielding an education or an intellect worth a damn. Your obnoxious resentment is so transparent, that I’m sure it’s why you fit so comfortably behind a dullard like Chávez, who earns your adulation because he has the guts to act the way you would, if you could.

  7. Arturo Says:

    Poco a poco hacia el socialismo.

    “..Bob, because they are ignorant and live in a fantasy world of their own…or actually, because they live in a world of their own and are very obtuse…” – Kepler.

    Now Kepler, it is this sort of “I’m superior” attitude laced with social racism which is one major factor why the opposition will not get back into power in Venezuela for a very long time.

    GWEH is right…Chávez has not “lost it”. He knows exactly what he is doing.

    Look at Granier yesterday after all his media noise.. He backed himself and his business into a corner and now he is grovelling at Conatel and in effect “se puso a la orden del gobierno comunista”. No way will the government let Insulza interfere into what is a domestic legal issue.

    “De repente…con Chávez pa’ rato”.

    Octavio – I like this post as it reflects your growing frustration and impotence even though you are one of the “superior” Venezuelans like Kepler.


    7. The political dissenter/martyr troll

    If your blog is interesting, chances are it’s because you take a stand on things. You have political views you feel passionate about. You build a community of people who are interested in these things and who interact thoughtfully and productively about said things. Heck, some people even manage to disagree civilly. Until political dissenter/martyr troll comes around, starting fights with everyone in a comment thread, spewing its passionate anti-whatever-you’re-into views all over the productive discussion. This troll will likely get mouthy about how pathetic a blogger is for not entertaining dissenting opinions, all the while only being interested in hearing itself talk (or type, as it were). Political dissenter/martyr troll, what good do you think you are doing? Whose mind do you think you are changing? Troll, you are an asshole.

  8. GWEH Says:

    while it seems chavez is losing it, nothing has changed. wishful thinkers beware!

  9. Martin Says:

    Yes, Chavez really is turning into a textbook case of pure meglomania, isn’t he? Comparisons with Nero, Louis XIV, Mussolini, etc, are all relevent and illuminating. Question is, how is this one going to end. Hopefully not like Le Roi Soleil. Maybe like Mussolini. The scenario I prefer is the men in white coats walking in, accompanied maybe by an agreed-upon delegation representing all parties. “OK Hugo, time to leave now. Yes, we’re going to a nice little place where Uncle Fidel lives. Yes, his family has ageed to take good care of you. And you can take your TV along and do your cadenas all day and play them back. Won’t that be fun ? And yes, of course you can wear your red beret and Che T shirt. OK Hugo, come along with these nice men now!”

  10. BMBR Says:

    In the last couple of months I have seen and heard things from Chavez I never thought I would. It has come to a point that I now believe I can’t go back to my own country, and I must bring the rest of my family abroad.

    I hate to say that the Cubans I know might be right. Chavez is destroying the country we know, the country we love and the one we wanted to make a better place for all. Unfortunally our chances were denied for not thinking as Rojos-Rojitos… . . .

  11. anon Says:

    I heard a very nasty rumour that says Hugo Chávez thought the “La Francia” building was full of wheeling and dealing Jewish exploiters of his people and was thus hoping to get some free mileage.

  12. Kepler Says:


    I agree about the frog. Now: what kind of move are you thinking about the cliff? The thing is we have to avoid something like what happened in cuba and Belarus: further emigration of people opposed to the government (very easy for me to say it, I know, as I am outside…still)

    Yeah, Firepigette,
    can you tell me what your nationality is and what nationality is the least as “Japanese, Germans, Russians and Venezuelans”?
    Oh, what a coincidence!

  13. deananash Says:

    Kepler, Castro’s “revolution” also took time (years) to destroy the country – although much quicker than Chavez.

    I think that both have succeeded in tightening their control BECAUSE of the incremental nature of their methods. Think of the frog who stays put in a pot of water that is placed over a fire. He never fully appreciates his predicament.

    If you had told Venezuelans in ’98 that electing Chavez would have immediately nationalized Electricidad of Caracas, and closed RCTV, etc…then he wouldn’t have won.

    I stand by my idea…PUSH Chavez…push him right over the cliff.

  14. firepigette Says:


    it has to do with mass thinking which Germany is also having now and always had a huge problem with….thus the phenomena of Hitler that took place not too long ago actually.

    There are some influences from the somewhat creative Jewish culture in Germany and some exceptions to the rule that have produced great music in the past, some excellent poets etc, but the mass of people are quite bound to rules and tradition and to herd thinking.This is a common human condition.

    To be a creative thinker you have to go against the crowd and try to see things as they really are.

    Until the mass of Venezuelans or Germans begin to see that MOST people are against something , it is doubtful they will take an individual stand against. This is the cultural reality of both countries.It is actually common everywhere, but particularly so among the Latins cultures , the Russians, Germans, and Japanese.

    But taken out of context and seen more amply( closer to reality):

    The most important thing is for each of us to see our own inner unwillinsgness to see reality and go against the trends.It is calling seeing the sty in our own eyes first,

    and then we can truly understand.

  15. Bois Says:

    I think Chavez is scared, very scared. He wants all the buildings around him to provide a buffer for the coming revolt.

  16. An Interested Observer Says:

    “De Repente con Chavez” – those words should be at the top of every single Presidential decree from this point forward.

  17. Kepler Says:

    Bob, because they are ignorant and live in a fantasy world of their own…or actually, because they live in a world of their own and are very obtuse…remember Germany: people were not that ignorant there, they were biased, very biased, and in spite of Germany’s big scientific and artistic achievements extremely

    I am not sure about giving Hugo more rope. Remember cuba and look at where it is. It was one of the most prosperous nations in Latin America in the late fifties.

    Those who could not swallow it left, those who could not get out stayed but adapted, adapted and adapted.

  18. deananash Says:

    Push him….”I think that the government should be in charge of everything. The sooner, the better.” Challenge him “Chavez wouldn’t dare expropriate _____________. He’s not STRONG enough.”

    The opposition has to use his totally narcisstic egotism against him. It’s not a question of just giving him enough rope to hang himself – he’s already got that. You’ve got to build the stand, bring in the cameras and ensure him that it will be the greatest spectacle ever. That he’ll be immortalized.

    In his efforts to achieve such glory, he’ll quickly devour all and be left with nothing. So will Venezuela, but you’ll be free of him and you’ll have totally exposed his bankrupt philosophies for what they really are.

    There are only two ways to be rid of Chavez. One is bloody and leaves stains that aren’t easily removed, to say nothing of making a martyr of him. The other is where he is literally run out of town, just barely escaping the first scenario.

  19. Bob Taylor Says:

    How can ANYONE vote for this clown???
    Unless they are bribed or threatened……

  20. framethedebate Says:

    Were the militias ordered to move matresses into the buildings (Godfather reference)? Next “Suddenly Susan”,,,I mean “Chavez,” would it surpise anyone if he ordered his minions to shoot any suspected oligarch or student of misusing light bulbs on sight. And still, the guy garners 50% popularity. When does the madness really end (or begin).

  21. Humberto Says:

    Este carajo lo que esta es loco.

  22. jecs Says:

    Why the owners of those buildings have not said anything yet? I read somewhere that at least one of the buildings is actually property of UDO. If that is the case, would not be Chavez breaking university’s autonomy by expropriating it? then, why Universitiy’s authorities have not said anything either? Will regular people allow so quietly to expropriate their own homes? if so, we are doomed…

  23. GB Says:

    I always thought he was crazy like a fox. Now I think he is just crazy.

  24. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Miguel Octavio, Odilo Limia and juli carbonell, juli carbonell. juli carbonell said: RT @moctavio: Venezuela under Chavez: Democracy, Long term planning and decision making by whim #freevenezuela #fre … […]

  25. OA2 Says:

    it’s really coming apart in a giant apocalyptic shit storm isn’t it? if it wasn’t for all the venezuelans he’s smearing with it, it would be an amusing train wreck to watch.

  26. anon Says:

    Yeah … and all that ham-handed posturing we all find so disagreeable that is the icing on the cake of his superb management style will be for nothing, because in the short run he is going to fall flat on his face. Meanwhile, many Venezuelans walk around with dazed expressions hoping that when the sh*t hits the fan, they won’t be standing too close.

  27. Floyd Looney Says:

    Tomorrow all vehicles must be converted to electric. Just ‘cuz.

  28. Juan Says:

    “expropiese!” and the people behind applauds, laughing at his quick decision… so he gets excited and says “and that one?” and before the guy answers he says (this time with more determination) “EXPROPIESE!! EXPROPIESE!!” and the people applauds and laughs even more!!!!

    Im out of words…. Blood will run… there is no other way…

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