Suddenly and all the time with Hugo Chávez

February 9, 2010

From The Economist

12 Responses to “Suddenly and all the time with Hugo Chávez”

  1. deananash Says:

    That’s the idea Roberto N, why not market it? You don’t actually have to invent the product, the idea itself has real value in terms of moving popular opinion. It’s not for nothing that the consumer goods companies – the successful ones, anyway – spend billions on marketing.

    EVERYTHING starts with ideas. Unless you’ve a gun.

  2. Roberto N Says:

    You could get rich in Venezuela if you invented a Lomotil like medicine to counter “De repente con Chavez”.

    “De repente, se me salio un regalito, pasame el Lomotil!”

  3. loroferoz Says:

    Now he has his own radio program. If he just confined it to his myriad stations, it would not sound so… surreal.

    De repente, Chavez… That’s just what happens when he gets the urge and starts a “Cadena”, on all the stations…

    More likely, it goes for most of us like “here I was, listening to X on xx.xx FM “y De Repente, el $/$&@! ese empezo una cadena!”

  4. Bill Simpson of Slidell USA Says:

    His antics were just discussed on the Rachel Maddow Show on the MSNBC cable TV channel here in the USA. It is a political discussion/news show. She had to keep saying that she wasn’t kidding, when describing the harp break in thing. It almost sounds like megalomania to me. Not a good sign.

  5. deananash Says:

    GO HuGO, GO! There is simply sooooooo much material to work with. Right off the cliff…

  6. Floyd Looney Says:

    Has he forced all businesses to close and people off the streets and pass a law to force people to watch his sit-down/stand-up comedy routines yet?

    I have a feeling if nobody watches, he will.

  7. OA2 Says:

    and yet he’s afraid to show his (oddly puffy) face at the UNASUR cumbre for Haiti. What a douchebag.

  8. anon Says:

    It was a great cartoon and it’s really great today. Pity the cartoonist didn’t embody Hugo Chávez’s preeminence in radio, which is even more aggressive and multitudinous than television. Rupert Murdoch, eat your heart out!

  9. Gringo Says:

    The cartoon dates from the summer of 2007 during the first RCTV controversy. Like good wine, the cartoon has aged rather well. All too well.

  10. Kepler Says:

    Oh, my! That cartoon is so good! And The Economist’s cartoonist is a real genius.

    Thanks, Miguel.

  11. deananash Says:

    Are any of you in Venezulea aware of Fake Steve Jobs?

    Is there a Hugo equivalent?

    I would think that this type of sarcasm would be appreciated in Venezuela and drive Chavez nuts.

    You need MORE Chavez. And if he won’t give it to you, then Fake Hugo will. Think Twitter. Think HCTV. Or rather, FHTV.

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