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Uruguay concerned about Chavez backing their team

July 5, 2010

I have not written about the World Cup, but I could not resist.

Uruguayan authorities expressed their concern that President Chavez would back their country´s team before Wednesday¨. ¨Given his track record so far, we can´t help but be concerned that he will decide to back our team and say it publicly like he did with Brazil and Argentina¨.  After Brazil was eliminated Chavez said that Argentina would socre all of the goals that Brazil did not. Argeintina failed to score against Germany.

Meanwhile, Mick Jagger said that Chavez can not beat his unquestionable record of backing losers at each stage of the Cup. ¨His record is not as unquestionable like mine. He was wishy washy at the beginning, it was not clear if he was backing Brazil or Maradona, pardon me, Argentina, in the first few stages of the Cup. We will see, I am not backing Uruguay, thus, we will know who is really bad luck after this stage of the Cup¨