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If regulations for observers are an indication, we can look forward to a very unfair election in September

July 7, 2010

(Who can understand them? This ” is not a democracy:, that “this violates my democratic rights”. Democracy ended in 1998, do I speak Chinese or what?)

According to Sumate, here are two of the articles of the regulations issued for observers of the upcoming electoral process to elect Deputies to the National Assembly:

Art. 15. Observing organizations are banned from publicly denouncing violations of fairness in the election…

similarly, that same article says:

Accredited persons will not be able to: Issue statements, nor opinions in general or in particular about internal matters of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela until the electoral process is over…similarly, they will abstain from…making public pronouncements…

Art. 16. paragraph 3. Observing organizations will have to maintain under strict confidentiality or reserve the content of the exchanges of opinion and suggestions presented to the electoral authority (CNE)

Jeez, if these are the ground rules before the process has even begun, anyone expecting anything fair in September is simply dreaming…